Wellington Travel Tips

Having some Wellington travel tips up your sleeve can help you arrive feeling comfortable and confident. With that said, there’s really not much to worry about when travelling to New Zealand – from the language to the power plugs, nearly everything will seem quite familiar. In fact, if it weren’t for the colder weather, the surrounding scenery and the local accent, you could almost trick yourself into thinking you were still at home!

If you do have any questions or concerns about travelling to Wellington, don’t hesitate to contact your Escape Travel agent.

New Zealand Visas

If you’re a permanent Australian resident or citizen with a current Australian passport, you needn’t worry about applying for a New Zealand visa. Just show your passport! For the most up to date information, head to the New Zealand government website for more details.

New Zealand Currency

New Zealand uses a dollar system very similar to our own. Even their coins and banknotes come in the same denominations as those used in Australia, although they haven’t had 5c coins since 2006. The NZ dollar is typically worth slightly less than the AU dollar, so expect to get back a little bit more than you give when you exchange. For more on currency, visit the currency page.

Wellington Food

The lack of potential culture shock in Wellington extends to eating and drinking. Most New Zealand food is quite similar to what you can get at home. The only slight difference you might encounter is in the pronunciation of certain dishes – you’ll see what we mean if you order fish and chips, for example!

Tipping in Wellington

Just like at home, tipping is rarely expected in New Zealand. If anything, a tip here is simply a way to say thank you to someone (e.g. a waiter or taxi driver) who has gone above and beyond for you. Never feel pressured to leave a tip in Wellington, but don’t be embarrassed to do so if you wish – it’ll just be a pleasant surprise!

New Zealand Electrical Plus and Voltage

Good news: you can leave your universal adapter at home. The electrical plugs in Wellington, and throughout New Zealand, are identical to the ones we have in Australia. This means charging your phone, laptop and camera is never an issue – as long as you remember to pack the right cords!

Language in Wellington

There’s no language barrier for Australians travelling to Wellington. English is the primary language used here and generally throughout New Zealand. However, you may encounter examples of the native Maori tongue during your stay. If you hear an unfamiliar word in a day-to-day conversation between locals, ask politely and they’ll likely be happy to translate.

Wellington Airport

Located in the city’s north, Wellington Airport may be your first real glimpse of the North Island up close as you fly in (if you’re arriving direct from Australia). The terminal is quite simple to navigate, so it’s easy to enter and exit once on the ground. Your great Wellington adventure begins right here! Wellington is known as ‘The Windy City’, so don’t be alarmed if your landing is a little bumpy.