Things to Do in Wellington

Finding things to do in Wellington is blissfully easy. Nestled as it is between mountains and the seaside, the city prides itself on having a little bit of everything – from hiking to sailing, from adventure to relaxation. Wellington is also the beating heart of New Zealand’s art and culture scene, meaning it’s a hive of creativity and home to some of the best attractions in the entire country.

Wellington Food and Drink

Many New Zealand cities claim to have the best food and drink in the country, but Wellington truly is a top contender for the title. The locals here don’t settle for a good coffee – they’ll only settle for a great one. This makes choosing where to eat in Wellington an enjoyable challenge. There’s no wrong answer, of course, because everything is delicious. Why not try something new every day? Read More

Wellington Shopping

From quirky antiques to designer fashion, Wellington shopping has something to offer every bargain hunter, no matter how discerning. You’ll find interesting souvenirs all over the city, from the sprawling catch-all shopping centres to the tiny family-owned curio emporiums. Serious shoppers won’t want to miss Cuba Street or the Golden Mile, but any visitor should save some time to visit Wellington’s marvellous markets. Read More

What to See in Wellington

Working out which Wellington activities to try first is another pleasant challenge you’ll face. Filled with classic Wellington attractions and surrounded by many natural wonders, the city has no trouble filling up a holiday itinerary. Take a ride up the Wellington Cable Car to enjoy magnificent views, or spend a relaxing afternoon in the waters of Oriental Bay. Read More

Wellington Parks and Squares

Wellington is home to so many parks and public spaces that no guide could possibly include them all. This means knowing which Wellington parks and squares to visit all depends on what kind of outdoor activities you’re interested in. Hoping to hike? Keen to camp out? Perhaps just looking for a nice walk? There’s a park in Wellington for you. Read More

Wellington Museums and Culture

Wellington art and culture really sets this destination apart. The city is dotted with many museums and art galleries, is home to hundreds of local artists, and is the centre of New Zealand’s film industry. To immerse yourself in the local culture and history, make sure to schedule time for the City Gallery and Wellington Museum. Read More