Wellington Food and Drink

Plenty of cities would love to claim they have the best culinary standards in New Zealand, but the Wellington food and drink scene takes (and bakes) the cake.

Enjoy fine-dining at restaurants owned by world-renowned chefs, treat yourself to a laidback night on the town, venture through Wellington’s excellent food markets, or embrace the warm aroma of a well-brewed cup from a quaint cafe. Each meal and beverage here will impress your inner foodie and your inner coffee connoisseur, and the variety of options available means no craving has to go unsatisfied.

Wellington Food Markets

The people here appreciate the simple pleasure of fresh food. Nowhere is this more obvious than at Wellington’s food markets. Shop with the chefs at Moore Wilson’s market, explore Wellington’s oldest market, the Harbourside Market, and indulge in flavours of Asia at the Wellington Night Market. Plus, the locals are as vibrant as the items they sell – come for the food, stay for the atmosphere.

Wellington Restaurants

The city’s fine-dining scene attracts high-profile chefs from all over the world, making Wellington restaurant precincts a cut above all others in New Zealand. No matter what you’re in the mood for, from a simple burger to a dazzling five-course meal, Wellington will have a restaurant for you. If you’re not sure where to begin your culinary quest, make your way to delightful Cuba Street.

Wellington Bars and Nightlife

In keeping with the area’s laidback lifestyle, Wellington bars and nightlife are a great way to have an exciting night out without going overboard. From classic pubs and beer gardens to upmarket cocktail bars and lounges, there’s an indulgent yet peaceful night out waiting for you in the city.

Wellington Cafes

It’s frequently chilly in Wellington, so the locals don’t mess around when it comes to coffee. Consistently ranked among the best in New Zealand, Wellington cafes aren’t just fabulous. They’re also everywhere, and they all work hard to outdo each other. If you love your coffee or live in a cafe-filled locale, you’ll quickly feel like Wellington is a home away from home.