Washington D.C. Food and Drink

The Washington D.C. food and drink scene has moved with culinary fashions, so hip and happening districts sit alongside traditional and upmarket fare. Indulge in the Asian delicacies of Chinatown, then turn the corner to explore a bounty of new restaurants all adding to the city’s vibrant dining scene.

Sample food that’s renowned the world over – dine alongside a member of Congress or slip out for a casual lunch of artisan sandwiches that beggar belief thanks to their size and fillings.  

To complement all the eateries, there’s a culture of social enjoyment throughout the city. Beer gardens, wine bars and artisan coffee roasters all provide rich backdrops for watching the world go by.

Washington D.C. Restaurant Precincts

From Capitol Hill to Chinatown, Washington D.C. restaurant precincts serve up a wide variety of dining delights. Indulge your inner restaurant critic by heading to one of many up-and-coming eateries on 14th Street, or visit the neighbouring U Street and take a seat at the famous Ben’s Chili Bowl diner. Chinatown and Penn Quarter offer a variety of acclaimed restaurants, while Capitol Hill provides crowd-pleasing eateries.

Washington D.C. Food Markets

An array of Washington D.C. food markets have you covered on the fresh produce front. For a true foodie’s dream day out, pop to the Eastern Markets at Capitol Hill where you’ll find delicatessens, dairy counters, and fresh fruit and veg. Meanwhile, a trip to Union Market will offer you a selection of satiating street eats and fresh produce at the weekly farmers’ market.

Washington D.C. Bars and Nightlife

From the whiskey bars of Adams Morgan to the breweries of the Navy Yards, there are plenty of venues to sample the Washington D.C. nightlife. Kick back in the evening with a refreshing drink in one of the city’s relaxed beer gardens. If wine bars are more your thing, there are plenty of upmarket establishments to choose from. Alternatively, soak up more of the city’s culture by enjoying D.C.’s theatre scene.

Washington D.C. Coffee

The Washington D.C. coffee culture is almost as serious as the politics. A host of independent, artisan coffee houses have poured into the city in recent years. The benefit: you can be confident that you’re never far from getting a good-quality caffeine fix, while the deliciously faint aroma from the roasting houses has become a welcome scent on many D.C. streets.