Vietnam Money Guide

Vietnam’s official currency is the Vietnamese dong (VND). Notes come in denominations between 1,000 and 500,000 dong. Coins are rarely used or accepted in Vietnam, and it’s common to be quoted prices that leave off the ‘thousand’.

Credit Cards

Banks will often place a security hold on (or even cancel) your card if unknown foreign transactions take place, so it’s imperative to advise your bank that you are travelling abroad. This will minimise the risk of not being able to access your money overseas.

Travel Cards

Access your cash overseas with a Key To The World travel money card. This prepaid currency card allows you to withdraw cash from ATMs and pay for goods in local shops like a credit or debit card. Although the Key To The World does not currently have Vietnamese dong, you can load Australian or US dollars at a locked-in rate so you can access the local equivalent of your cash without potentially facing an unexpectedly large credit card bill when you get home.


You’ll find ATMs in major cities and tourist hubs right across Vietnam. Try to seek out ATMs from reputable banks, as these generally always accept overseas cards. Understand that there will usually be a nominal withdrawal fee for using the ATM, as well as a separate international fee as determined by your bank. Ensure you have enough cash when you visit smaller towns or villages as ATMs will be few and far between in these regional destinations.


Travelling with cash is essential in Vietnam. You can pre-purchase Vietnamese dong (alongside a Key To The World money card) from Travel Money Oz before travelling to avoid paying international transfer fees and commissions.

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