Vanuatu Money Guide

In Vanuatu the currency used is the Vanuatu vatu (VUV).

Credit Cards

Before travelling to Vanuatu, be sure to advise your bank of your travel plans. This will ensure your bank doesn’t automatically cancel your cards when you make a foreign transaction, leaving you stranded without funds. Most major credit and debit cards are accepted.

Travel Cards

Access your cash with a Key To The World currency card. This prepaid card acts like a credit card, allowing you to make purchases or withdraw money from an ATM. Although it does not currently have Vanuatu vatu, you can load your card with Australian or US dollars to access the local equivalent without facing unexpected credit card fees, and a bill when you return home.


There are ATMs available in major centres and resorts around Vanuatu, however not in small villages. Some Australian banks operate in Vanuatu, including ANZ and Westpac, however be aware that when withdrawing money from foreign ATMs, international withdrawal fees are charged, and can be very expensive. Ask your bank for information on their fees before you set off.


Travelling with cash in Vanuatu is essential. You can pre-purchase vatu from Travel Money Oz before travelling to avoid paying international transfer fees and commissions. Some places in Vanuatu accept Australian dollars too, however the exchange rate is generally unfavourable.  


Tipping is not usually accepted in Vanuatu as it goes against local tradition. Bargaining is also considered disrespectful. That said, souvenir markets may increase their prices on days when cruise ships dock, so unless you’re on a cruise ship, leave your shopping for another day.