Vanuatu Beaches

Vanuatu beaches are famous the world over, captured in endless postcards of palm-fringed white beaches and crystal-clear seas. These idyllic beachfronts are easy to find no matter where you venture, but some are more well-known than others.

Espiritu Santo is perhaps home to the most spectacular beaches, but truth be told it’s hard to pick the best of a highly renowned bunch. Efate and almost every island have their fair share of stunning surrounds.

If you’re looking to “escape” the crisp white sands, volcanic islands like Tanna offer a striking variation with almost-black shorelines – still framed by endless palms, of course.

Golden Beach

Located on Espiritu Santo, Golden Beach is regarded as one of the prettiest on the island. It features creamy sands and clear, calm waters to tempt swimmers and snorkellers alike.

It’s almost (but not quite) a well-kept secret with no signage at the turn-off, so ask directions before you go. A small fee may be charged for entry as the surrounding area is privately owned.

Paradise Cove

Easily accessible from Port Vila, Paradise Cove is just as the name suggests. This is a beach that offers more manicured beauty than rugged surrounds, with creature comforts like beachside dining available courtesy of a nearby resort. Meanwhile its calm waters provide ample opportunity for snorkelling and swimming, or lazing on the sun-kissed sands.

Champagne Beach

Heralded as one of the best beaches in the South Pacific, Champagne Beach is Espiritu Santo’s not-so-secret gem. It takes its name from the effervescent waters that bubble at low-tide like sparkling wine. These are not just any waters either, but tantalising and turquoise against the powdery white sands that lie beneath.

Coconut Beach

Located on Erakor Island, Coconut Beach is yet another destination that begs to be explored. Erakor is easily accessible by boat from Efate, and provides a welcoming destination to swim, snorkel and relax.

The island is also home to Erakor Island Resort, so a chilled drink, long lunch or evening fire show are the natural addition to complete a perfect day at the beach.

Nanda Blue Hole

Just when you think you couldn't take in anymore waterside beauty, Nanda Blue Hole offers an alternative to endless white sand.

Formed by fresh waters rising through limestone, this natural swimming hole is located on Espiritu Santo. It boasts deep blue, almost magical waters, reached through lush green rainforest. A swing, refreshment bar, and picnic facilities are also available.

Lonnoc Beach

Lonnoc Beach is on the lengthy list of Espiritu Santo’s spectacular destinations. Fine white sands, leaning palms and azure blue seas are the defining features, so be sure to have your camera in hand. Lonnoc is also free to enter and offers the convenience of cold drinks, a waterside restaurant, and kayak hire at the nearby bungalow accommodation.