Things to Do in Vancouver

When you’re looking for things to do in Vancouver, you’ll be spoiled for choice. A diverse, multicultural city, Vancouver is home to beautiful natural scenery and a booming arts scene. While you’re here, treat your taste buds to some of the most incredible seafood in the world. There’s also a wealth of unique historical sites to explore.

Where to Eat in Vancouver

Canada’s appreciation for good food is perhaps one of the clearest examples of the country’s French DNA. The question of where to eat in Vancouver is a complicated one because high-quality food is everywhere. Your options are virtually endless including cheap eats at no-nonsense delis in Hastings, the fine-dining of Le Crocodile (a Vancouver institute for over 30 years), and the relaxed atmosphere of local cafes. Read More

Vancouver Shopping

Shopping in Vancouver requires a bit of suburb hopping, but it’s always worth the trip. A city as steeped in history as this one makes the shopping experience a pleasant one. Discover stores in incredibly old heritage buildings on Robson Street, or pop in to well-known department chains in Downtown. There are plenty of bargains on unique items just waiting to be found. Read More

Vancouver Parks and Beaches

To be in Canada is to be surrounded by the natural splendour of the north, and that means taking advantage of the many Vancouver parks and squares. Take an afternoon stroll through the beautiful VanDusen Botanical Garden, embark on a hike down to Stanley Park, or enjoy the inner-city tranquillity of Harbour Green. Getting back to nature is easy in Vancouver. Read More

What to See in Vancouver

Your “what to see in Vancouver” list is going to a rather long one – you may not have time to include everything. A city of incredible historic landmarks and literally hundreds of free-standing public art installations, Vancouver is a destination where the journey and the reward are one and the same. Get out of your hotel and go exploring – you’ll be surprised by what you find. Read More

Vancouver Museums and Galleries

As you would expect in a town that adores creativity and artistic expression as much as this, a visit to the many Vancouver museums and galleries should rank high on your to-do list. From the venerable Museum of Vancouver to more specialty hubs like the BC Sports Hall of Fame (a must for ice hockey fans), there are so many cultural institutions to visit here. Read More