Vancouver Shopping Guide

Vancouver shopping is a unique experience. As a hub of art and industry in equal measure, it’s possible to find everything from locally made fashion to one-of-a-kind Canadian antiques here. With the Canadian dedication to ice hockey, even sports memorabilia fans will be well-served.

Where to start, though? To answer that, we’ve put together a list of just a few of our favourite spots in the Vancouver shopping guide below. Adding a little retail therapy to your itinerary is easy when you’re on holiday in Vancouver, and so is finding the perfect souvenir.


Chinatown is one of Vancouver’s oldest districts, well known for its wide-ranging variety of stores and eateries, but it’s also one of the centres of Vancouver fashion. From simple family-owned dress shops to prestigious high-end boutiques, Chinatown should be high on any fashion-conscious traveller’s list of places to visit. If you want a unique new look to take home, start your search here.

Commercial Drive

Considered Vancouver’s very own Little Italy, this area is home to a strong contingent of European migrants. With this influx of diverse nationalities came all sorts of new local businesses, from fashion to furniture, and all of it can be found on Commercial Drive. If you find yourself wondering what to buy in Vancouver, take a walk down The Drive. Chances are, you’ll find it before long.

Davie Village

Located in Vancouver’s West End, Davie Village is the home of the city’s vibrant LGBTQ+ community. Loud and proud about its dedication to home-grown small business, Davie Village is one of the best Vancouver markets for one-of-a-kind fashion and souvenirs. Make a visit the world-famous LGBTQ+ bookshop Little Sisters on Davie Street.


If you’re thinking of shopping in Downtown Vancouver then there’s probably already a name that’s leaping to mind: Granville Street. The city’s leading entertainment and shopping district, filled with prominent Vancouver shopping centres, Granville Street should be your first port of call if you’re looking for the boutique shopping experience. It’s centrally located and packed with fabulous fashion.

Granville Island

Not to be confused with Granville Street, the nearby Granville Island is home to one of the most eclectic and artistic communities in Vancouver. From handmade watches to custom-built furniture, the crafty denizens of Granville Island can do it all. If you’re looking for a unique gift or keepsake to remember your trip by, this is the area in which to start your search.


The settlement out of which Vancouver eventually grew, Gastown is an old-world time capsule that offers a modern-day shopping experience. The area has undergone a reinvention in recent years, its Victorian architecture repurposed as storefronts for local fashion boutiques and eateries. Gastown locals love their suburb and work hard to provide craftsmanship that visitors will cherish for years to come.


Another area known for its retail, restaurants and street markets, Kitsilano is located in Vancouver’s west on the English Bay’s southern shore. An energetic suburb known for its small, out-of-the-way stores, Kitsilano is a great place to find that small but significant gift from abroad you’ve been searching for. This is a must-visit for anyone who loves supporting local businesses.