Vancouver Museums, Arts and Culture

As a city that adores its art and culture, Vancouver museums and galleries are astounding repositories of the area’s creative lifeblood. There are plenty to choose from, including the venerable Vancouver Museum. No matter which specific topics or periods of Vancouver’s history you’re interested in, you’ll have no trouble learning about it.

Vancouver is the ideal destination if you’re the kind of traveller who loves a good history lesson and finding out more about the place you’re visiting. Longstanding attractions like the Art Gallery and Space Centre provide the icing on the cultural cake that is Vancouver.

Museum of Anthropology

Located on the grounds of the famed University of British Columbia, the Museum of Anthropology is considered one of the world’s foremost authorities on natural history. Lauded for their many exhibitions, both permanent and rotating, the museum will leave you with a greater awareness of the natural world around you. This is a must-visit.

Vancouver Art Gallery

The largest art gallery in western Canada, the Vancouver Art Gallery is dedicated to the preservation and proliferation of Canadian art and artists, modern and historic. Located in Downtown close to the historic Vancouver Police Museum, the Vancouver Art Gallery enchants and delights visitors of all ages. Brand new exhibitions are rotated in every few months.

Space Centre

Are you fascinated by astronomy and space travel? Prepare to spend some hours of your holiday in the Vancouver’s HR MacMillan Space Centre. Filled with exhibits, theatres and tours for space geeks of all ages, the Space Centre seeks to entertain and educate everyone who walks through their doors. Dive into the wonder of outer space and discover our planet’s place in the galactic community.

Vancouver Maritime Museum

Virtually next door to the Space Centre, you’ll find the Vancouver Maritime Museum, a hub of information on the city’s enduring history as a busy seaport. If you love the sea and the amazing craft that ride its waves every day, this wonderful place is not to be missed. It’s an incredible time capsule of technology from not so long ago.

Science World British Columbia

If you haven’t expanded your mind enough yet, there’s also the amazing Science World British Columbia to explore. A candy land for the curious, this museum is a monument to the simple act of asking a question and finding the answer. Science World is open year-round, and a journey through its exhibits is one of the most enriching ways to spend a day in Vancouver.