Vancouver Food and Drink

Vancouver food and drink is one of the things the city prides itself on. A delightful restaurant or quaint cafe is never far away here.

As a port city, Vancouver is particularly known for its incredible seafood and well-established restaurant districts. From East Vancouver to Kitsilano, you’ll find something delicious to eat no matter what you’re in the mood for and no matter the time of day.

Below, you’ll find some of our top recommendations for Vancouver dining. However, your favourite Canadian dish may just be the one you order from the understated diner next to your hotel – you never know in Vancouver!

Vancouver Food Markets

When it comes to Vancouver food markets, few are as popular or well-known as the Granville Island Public Market. The wonderful food continues into the neighbouring South Granville, home to the city’s artiest denizens. These markets offer some of the freshest produce from many local farmers and vendors. If you’re the sort of person who prepares their own meals, even on holiday, you’ll feel right at home here.

Vancouver Restaurant Precincts

If you favour fine-dining when eating abroad, Vancouver restaurant precincts like Gastown and Yaletown have you covered. Gastown, the oldest neighbourhood in Vancouver, is now a cultural hub filled with high-end restaurants and shopping. Yaletown is a former warehouse district given a new lease on life as a thriving gallery and bistro precinct. Don’t forget Vancouver Chinatown, the city’s hub for Asian street food!

Vancouver Bars and Nightlife

One thing to remember when in Vancouver is that Canadians love craft beer. Vancouver’s bars and nightlife revolve around amazing craft beer taverns that offer not only a relaxed place to socialise but also the opportunity to sample some delicious local brews. Take the long-standing Alibi Room off Main Street for instance – a more low-key, friendly atmosphere on a relaxed night out is hard to find.

Vancouver Cafes

There are plenty of Vancouver cafes that will swear to you that they make the best coffee in Vancouver, but the truth is this is a city filled with fantastic coffee. Veer off the main drag into narrow city lanes and even in the suburbs, you’re likely to find a decent cup wherever you go here.