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From the colourful to the rare, the bizarre to the dangerous, there’s no better way to get up close and personal with the incredible creatures on our planet than on a dedicated wildlife tour. From whales and flamingos to toucans and tigers, with expert guidance you can find and witness these amazing animals in their natural habitats. The best part about doing it on a tour is that, not only will you actually find them, but you’ll have tonnes of knowledge behind you, and any park entrance fees and logistics will be taken care of. So all you need to do is sit back and truly take in the breathtaking moments.

One of the most famous wildlife safari destinations is Africa.  Home to the illustrious Big 5 – elephants, rhinos, leopards, lions and buffalo – travellers flock here for the chance to glimpse them on game drives. But there’s more to Africa than the Big 5. Catch sight of pink flamingos in Tanzania, gorillas in Uganda, and giraffes in Namibia. Asia also has some amazing animals to spot. Track tigers and elephants in India and Thailand, or head to Malaysian Borneo for amazing encounters with the intelligent and human-like orang-utans. The USA’s Yellowstone National Park is also prime for wildlife viewing, from bears, wolves and foxes to moose, elks and bison.

If you like your wildlife with a bit of water and ice, there are many great cruises, diving trips and polar expeditions to choose from. Delve into some of the world’s most diverse and rare ecosystems with a voyage to the volcanic Galapagos Islands to see giant tortoises, penguins and sea lions – or witness the magical white wilderness extremes of Antarctica. Cruise down the Amazon alongside otters, piranha and anaconda, go whale-watching in Norway, glimpse polar bears in Canada, or dive with a whole host of marine life around Australia’s gorgeous Great Barrier Reef. From the depths of the sea to the tops of the world’s tallest mountains, a world of wildlife awaits.

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