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A walking tour may not be the speediest way to travel, but it sure is a fantastic way to experience the landscapes on offer. From leisurely walking tours through the lush hills of Ireland to adventurous hikes into the soaring Himalayas, travelling on foot is a journey for all the senses. Discover the local wildlife and flora, stay in authentic accommodation that’s off the typical tourist trail, and have enriching encounters with locals every step of the way. Our great range of guided walks spans a wide range of destinations and distances, so there’s bound to be one to suit every age and fitness level.

For an incredible travel experience that can’t be done any other way, consider a multi-day trek of the Great Wall of China. Stopping in at local villages along the route, it’s the perfect way to experience the local cuisine, culture and history firsthand. To feel the true force of the Sahara Desert, put one foot after the other in Morocco, then spend your nights resting those weary legs beneath the incredible starry night skies. From Australia’s spectacular Great Ocean Road to Cotswolds Way in the United Kingdom, itineraries span both the obvious and unique trails around the world.

Feel like you could step the pace up a notch? Transform that leisurely walk into a challenging hike or take your ice pick to some of the world’s most notorious mountains. Join a Mount Kilimanjaro trek to conquer Africa’s highest peak, navigate the stunning mountainous terrain of snow-capped Switzerland, or make the ultimate historical pilgrimage to Everest Base Camp. Wherever you go, the breathtaking scenery is sure to trump that of any window seat. Active travel is a fabulous way to make new friends, push yourself to achieve new goals and maintain an active lifestyle while exploring new corners of the globe.  

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