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Each and every tour is a unique travel journey. Strangers soon become friends on the road, and your guide the best friend of all. With all your accommodation, transfers and fun-filled excursions already mapped out for you, it’s a fantastic way to unravel a destination in the company of likeminded travellers. Many factors influence what kind of tour you’re looking for, including budget, tour length and of course, the many highlights along the route. But travel style and personal interests are also critical factors when searching for the group holiday of your dreams.

Bus tours are the traditional tour type, suitable for all ages and widely accessible across the world. With somebody else at the wheel, they enable you to relax and admire the views between stops, and fit in as many sights as possible. Small group tours are similar, but have the added advantage of flexibility and more authentic experiences on the road thanks to the smaller group sizes. If you prefer to travel in absolute comfort, the range of luxury tours will ensure you’re extremely well taken care of from start to finish, while family tours mean that even the youngest of travellers can join you for the journey.

If you’re looking to travel and indulge in your own special interests at the same time, there are many different types of tours to choose from. A cultural tour is a great way to really dig beneath the surface of a place with a knowledgeable guide who’s well versed in the local customs and history. A food and wine tour is a great way to taste your way around, while a wildlife tour specialises in making sure you have incredible encounters with native animals in the true wilderness. Other amazing travel experiences come in the shape of adventure tours, walking tours and cycling tours, each offering incredibly unique ways to explore and soak up your destination. 

Luxury tours

An indulgent and luxury holiday is a great way to de-stress, unwind and feel...

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Family tours

Taking the whole family on holiday doesn’t have to be hard. With a family...

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Cycling tours

Feel the wind in your hair and enjoy a totally immersive travel experience...

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Walking tours

A walking tour may not be the speediest way to travel, but it sure is a...

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Cultural tours

From ancient ruins to tribal traditions and the pleasures of modern times, a...

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Food & wine tours

One of the most satisfying ways to savour a new destination is to taste your...

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Wildlife tours

From the colourful to the rare, the bizarre to the dangerous, there’s no...

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Adventure tours

There’s a whole wide world of adventure out there, and a wealth of adventure...

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