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Contiki is the original travel company for 18-35s and today they run tours in over 46 countries for young and fun travellers. Even if you’re travelling alone, here you’re bound to make travel buddies in no time. Offering a range of trip styles, you can camp, stay in hostels or hotels in destinations spanning Europe, Asia, the Americas, Australia and New Zealand. There’s also a range of themed trips focusing on sailing, diving, festivals, beach breaks and winter getaways. Wherever you go, you’re guaranteed to have plenty of time to relax and explore between adventures on the road.

For an epic European road trip that won’t cost the world, The Big Chill tour is a whopping 45-night camping tour across Europe, stopping everywhere from France to Hungary and Turkey. Hike through the pristine Alpine landscapes of Switzerland, eat pizza and drink wine in Italy, and explore the ancient sites of Greece. For a more chilled pace of travel, try the Croatian Island Cruising tour. Cruise around the Dalmatian Coast with ample time to swim, sunbake, hang out and explore along the way. Or to delve below the surface, take the Beaches and Reefs tour along Australia’s east coast. The Great Barrier Reef is only ever a snorkel away.

For an adventure through Asia, the Big Indochina Adventure tour is hard to pass up. Winding through Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, you’ll navigate traffic-laden cities and swim in the beautiful shores of calm bays. From the beautiful temples of Siem Reap to the gorgeous old quarter of Hanoi, you’ll get a piece of it all. Prefer the sound of Latin America? Try The Explorer tour through Peru, Argentina and Brazil. A 19-day odyssey, you’ll discover native wildlife in the Amazonian jungle, ancient Incan ruins, famous beaches like Copacabana, and massive cosmopolitan cities that never sleep. From the USA and Canada to unique parts of the world like Macedonia, there’s a tour to take you there.

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