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Back-Roads Touring

If you’re looking for a small group tour that’s been designed to give you an intimate and relaxing getaway, Back-Roads Touring is your perfect travel guide. Offering leisurely tours across the United Kingdom and Europe for over 25 years, all tours are limited to a maximum of 18 people so you can enjoy authentic local experiences wherever you go. From Ireland to Greece and Italy, the accommodation is charming, the vans purpose-built with creature comforts, and there’s plenty of free time to go at your own pace. Forgo the typical tourist traps for a little luxury and feel the difference.

For a holiday that includes a little culinary decadence, don’t miss the Vintage France tour for your chance to taste your way around the country’s – and some of the world’s – best wine regions. And of course that comes with fabulous food, charming French towns and wonderful landscapes to chink your glasses to. For something a little less obvious, try the Flavours of Northern Croatia and Slovenia tour. While the focus is on the gorgeous landscapes, from lakes and caves to rolling green hills, you’ll also find a few wineries, caves and capital cities to explore. Other top trips include the Spanish Inspiration tour, packed with rich cultural gems, and the Vienna Ball Season tour, flowing with music, wine, dance and more tasty treats.

Back-Roads Touring also offers a range of special tours, like battlefield tours, garden tours and Christmas market tours around Europe. Some iconic events also make their way onto the touring calendar, including the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. This special tour takes in the world-class event in Scotland’s capital, before venturing on to castles, lochs, quaint villages and the beautiful Scottish highlands. Winter tours of the gorgeous snow-covered Austria and Switzerland are also popular, as is The Amazing Northern Lights tour to Scandinavia, where you may catch a glimpse of this spectacular natural phenomenon light up the sky in dancing colours.

Are you ready to take the back road in style? Browse our range of tours below or contact your local Escape Travel consultant today.

Back Roads Tours

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