Tokyo Shopping Guide

Experience Tokyo shopping by exploring the city’s abundance of high-end boutiques, electronics shops, and chain stores.

The best place to see outlandish Tokyo fashion is in Harajuku, where you’ll also find toyshops, kawaii boutiques, coffee shops, and rare designer clothes.

Buy crafts in traditional Asakusa and Ueno, or shop ‘til you drop in the department stores of Ginza, Tokyo’s original shopping district. In the city, you’ll also find hyaku-en shops where everything costs 100 yen and flea markets where you can purchase a second-hand kimono.


A holiday in Tokyo isn’t complete without a trip to Shibuya’s high-street fashion shops. There’s the world-renowned Harajuku, lined with cafes, restaurants and fashion boutiques, Takeshita-dori, a trendy fashion market, and Spain-zaka, a Mediterranean-style alleyway filled with Japanese architecture, clothing stores, and restaurants.


Spend an evening in Shinjuku to experience the neon insanity of Tokyo. Shinjuku is a bustling, skyscraper-laden district packed with department stores, bars, video screens, and people. You won’t only find a wide range of shopping options in Shinjuku – you’ll also discover the world-famous robot cabaret show and many sacred shrines and temples. Photography enthusiasts will also find a handful of underground camera markets here, selling mostly film cameras and lenses.


Make your way to Ginza with a wallet full of yen. You’ll spend big at the area’s trendy stores and high-end boutiques. It’s in Ginza, the heart of Tokyo, where you’ll experience true luxury. The retail establishments are the finest in the city and there’s everything from majestic malls to tiny nooks and crannies with crafts, books, and souvenirs.


If you don’t get your fix of sophistication in Ginza, walk to the tree-lined Ometesando. Spend hours here enjoying the shopping and admiring artistic fashion buildings. Enjoy galleries and sit down to a gourmet meal in one of the area’s many restaurants. There are trendy Japanese hangouts, as well as a variety of international cuisines to enjoy between shopping.


Head to Akihabara for geek culture and the latest electronics. In Akihabara’s Electric Town, you’ll find huge collections of comics, cosplay merchandise, and models of prominent pop culture characters. Among the gadgets and gachapon (capsule vending machines), you’ll also find a treasure trove of retro video games and consoles.