Sydney Transport – Getting Around

Sydney transport is designed to be accessible and worry-free. Finding your way around the CBD is as easy as hopping on a bus or taking a trip on the light-rail. Getting yourself to one of Sydney’s famous beaches like Manly or Watson’s Bay is simple too – just climb aboard a ferry from Circular Quay. If time is sensitive or you need to travel further afield, Sydney taxis are ready to take you wherever you need to go.

Sydney Taxis

Need a cab? You have a range of taxi services to choose from including GM, Legion, and Premier. You can order a taxi over the phone, using the appropriate app, or simply by hailing them. Taxi ranks are also plentiful and easy to spot around major tourist precincts.

Sydney Buses

Sydney buses are your most affordable transport option. With dedicated bus lanes running throughout the city centre, hopping on a bus will often be your quickest option too. You will need to purchase an Opal card and top it up with funds, whether you want to take one trip or a dozen, as the city has done away with the hassle of paper tickets.

Sydney Trains

Sydney trains are your most affordable method for further-flung travel. Whether it’s south to Cronulla Beach, out to the suburbs, or a day trip into the Blue Mountains, Sydney’s spacious trains will take you there. A visit to the official New South Wales transport website will provide you with the most up-to-date timetables and information.  

Walking Sydney

In a city with so much to see, it’s at ground level that some of the hidden treasures of Sydney reveal themselves. Take in magnificent city views with a 1km return stroll across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and walk through some of the oldest shopping precincts in Australia. The city’s unique way of layering old and new buildings provide endless intrigue in a city easy to navigate and a delight to explore on foot.