Best Time to Travel to Sydney

The weather in Sydney comprises a sunny climate with mild winters and warm summers, perfect for making the most of the great outdoors. The best time to visit Sydney will depend largely on your personal preference and your ideal getaway plans. You can enjoy the stunning coastal headlands from summer right through winter, and the mild weather and drop in humidity also makes for perfect whale-watching conditions, in autumn and winter.


Summer in Sydney is best spent outdoors. During summer the average temperatures range from 18-25°C, and the average humidity peaks at 65%. It’s a great time to take a dip at one of Sydney’s magnificent beaches or harbour side pools, with water temperatures rising to a comfortable average of 23°C.

Appropriate clothing: Comfortable light attire

Don’t forget: A shady hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses


During autumn the humidity drops and average temperature falls between 14-22°C. The crisp autumn air makes for the perfect weather to take a morning stroll along the coast, which is especially picturesque during the annual humpback whale migration.

Appropriate clothing: A light jacket

Don’t forget: A warm scarf for chilly evenings, and a camera for potential whale sightings


Average temperatures drop to between 8-17°C during Sydney winter. The city’s rainfall is also at its highest in these months with an average downpour of 132mm, so make sure to rug up and stay dry.

Appropriate clothing: Long pants, warm jacket

Don’t forget: Raincoat and umbrella


The days are warmer during spring, but the humidity is usually still quite low. With average temperatures fluctuating between 11-23°C, it would be a good idea to pack for two climates. October also marks the beginning of daylight saving, so make sure to turn your watches forward by an hour.

Appropriate clothing: Light jacket, short-sleeve shirt

Don’t forget: A watch!