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We have 4 Home Based consultants in Mackay, Rockhampton and Townsville. With over 70 years combined experience in leisure, business and group travel, and the flexibility of working from home, our home based consultants look forward to helping you plan your next escape.

Each consultant's work hours vary and they can all be contacted for appointments out of hours.

Exclusive Guided Holidays

Escape Travel specialises in group travel and has a fantastic range of personally guided holidays. Click here for further details

Store Team Members

Narelle Spencer – Consultant

I’m a friendly, approachable home based consultant with a passion for cruising the world. My number one travel tip is to always purchase travel insurance no matter where your destination!

I have been in the travel industry for 5 years specialising in group cruise bookings, my home-based clientele is mostly repeat business from a Cruise Club that has 7000 members. 

Places visited:
Italy, Greece, Sicily, Turkey, Fiji, Thailand, Indonesia and all around Australia including Tasmania

Languages spoken:
To get me out of trouble, I pick up little bits and peices of other languages

Andrea Thomasson – Consultant

I started in the travel industry in 1992, just as computers were coming into the industry and back when we were hand writing airline tickets!  I have worked most of my career with the current owner Debbie Rains. I've been very fortunate to have travelled to many parts of the world due to my long career in selling Travel.

One of the biggest highlights of my role at Escape Travel is being able to make my clients holidays turn into a reality and arrive back with great stories and adventures to tell.

Languages spoken:
USA, Canada, Europe, UK, Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, New Zealand, Fiji, Vanuatu, Tasmania & many parts of Australia & Melbourne cup cruise

Pauline Grummitt (General Manager) – Consultant

I have enjoyed the opportunity of consulting beside some of the most gifted and most knowledgeable travel consultants in the industry.

Our gift to those who book with Escape Travel is “we are always there no matter the time of day or night”, we are not an online experience we are real people who care.

I have some many wonderful memories of my personal travel experiences and always remember the saying:
"The world is a book, and those who don’t travel only read one page."

Places visited:
Canada, USA, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Caribbean, Hawaii, Fiji, Vanuatu, Thailand, New Zealand, Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales, Europe, Croatia, Greece, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore & Hong Kong

Belinda Slater – Consultant

I have worked in the travel industry for 16 years having travelled to around 28 countries. My favourite countries are Morocco, Turkey, Jordan and Egypt because I love the culture & the food & you really feel like you're in a different country which is completely different from our culture.

Travel Tips: Always try to learn a bit of the local language before you leave, be vigilent at all times, limit baggage to 1 suitcase & a backpack, don't leave home without a neck pillow for long haul flights, plenty of hand sanitiser & wipes.  If travelling with kids pack 4 changes of clothes in carry on, food, activities, Ipad.

In my spare time I love to cook, exercise, spend time with family, movies & love animals to bits. 

Places visited:
I have travelled to around 28 countries including some of my favourites being Whistler, Stratford upon Avon, Morocco, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt and Australia.