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Store Team Members

Jacynta Quinn – Manager
Sarah Curtis – Assistant Manager

Hi I'm Sarah, America has floored me with its staggering range of possibilities. I have spent 8 weeks travelling around the states and enjoy sharing my knowledge and experiences.
I understands what a major part travel can play in one's life and I love being apart of every client's journey.

Places visited:
Australia New Zealand Thailand United States of America Canada New Caledonia Vanuatu Fiji

Teal Keegan – Consultant

Hi I'm Teal, I was recently fortunate enough to travel to Africa, there's a world of experience out there and I would love to help plan your next adventure!

Places visited:
Australia, New Zealand, USA, Fiji, Zambia, UK, Ireland, Greece, France, Italy with more to come!

Alicia Black – Consultant

Ahoy Matey's I'm Alicia, I am a cruise-aholic and would love to help you with planning your first or next cruise. I can find the right cruise for you!

Places visited:
Samoa New Caledonia New Zealand Throughout Australia Norfolk Island Vanuatu

Chandelle Saunders – Consultant

Hi, I'm Chandelle. The United Kingdom and Ireland are my favourite destinations. I've traveled back several times over the years. With this in mind, I can give you great insider tips and expert travel advice.

Places visited:
England Ireland Republic of Ireland Scotland France Italy Spain Netherlands Belgium Germany Austria Solvakia Czech Republic Hungary Switzerland United States of America Thailand

Meg Dixon – Consultant

My name's Meg and I'm your South Pacific Guru, If relaxation and Island stays is what you're after, contact me!

Places visited:
Fiji Vanuatu