Shanghai Shopping Guide

Shanghai tourism celebrates consumerism in all of its glorious forms. The city is awash with high-end shops selling the latest trends in fashion and technology. For the most upscale options, head to Nanjing and Huaihai Roads. But don't forget to spare a thought for the traditional markets like Dongtai Road Antiques Market, where you'll find antiques, jade and Communist China memorabilia.

Dongtai Road Antique Markets

Explore hiddencultural treasures at the Dongtai Road Antique Markets. With more than 100 markets stretching along Dontai and Liuhekou Road, these markets have quickly become a must-see tourist spot. Every nook and cranny is filled with items such as antiques, art-deco pieces, metal teapots, miniature terracotta warriors and Guanyin figures, as well as Cultural Revolution memorabilia. Always examine the quality of these pieces and don’t be afraid to try some fair bargaining. 

Jiu Guang Department Store

Located next tothe Jing’an Temple, a popular Shanghai attraction, this giant department store is comprised of 10 floors and features more than 500 local and foreign brands, restaurants and supermarkets. If you’re after local and imported food, head to the basement for specialty grocer shops and markets. Another floor is home to world-class brands like Burberry, Tiffany, Hugo Boss and Ralph Lauren, as well as jewellery and sporting stores. The seventh floor is famous for being the brand discount zone, where you can snap up some great luxury brands at lower prices. All in all, the JinGuang Department Store has something for everyone.

Nanjing Road

While you’re visiting the Jiu Guang Department Store, venture down onto Nanjing Road, China’s premier shopping street. Other modern shops and specialty stores cover both sides of the street, as well as theatres, hotels and restaurants. You can find a great mix of luxury brands, including Tiffany and Mont Blanc, and traditional stores, which sell jade, embroidery and silk goods. If you head onto Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, you will find an array of stationery and book stores, which cater for both Chinese and Western tastes.

Pearl’s Circles, Wholesale Pearl and Stone Market

Pearl’s Circles is the perfect place to buy ready-made jewellery, see freshwater and saltwater pearls up-close and create your own souvenirs. There are also semi-precious stones available to purchase, like jade, as well as affordable crystal and plastic beads. If you are hunting for a real pearl, be sure to look for its tell-tale rough texture. You can reach Pearl’s Circles by going to the third floor of the First Asia Jewellery Plaza.

Tianshan Tea Market

Tea enthusiasts will be in their element at Tianshan Tea City. This wholesale, temple-like centre hosts more than 150 small shops on three floors. Located in Hongqiao, many locals and tourists flock here to taste-test loose leaf teas and breathe in their varying aromas. Take the time to explore as many shops as possible, and make use of tasting tables with automatic kettles, cups and built-in drains. You’re sure to discover new favourite flavours and a deep appreciation for China’s tea culture.