Shanghai Food and Drink

Restaurants in Shanghai are essential to the city's culture – to Chinese people eating out with your loved ones is a ritual. At large round tables in traditional restaurants like Fu 1088 and Jishi you'll eat tapas-style, sharing lots of local dishes. Sampling dumplings at street stalls or restaurants like Crystal Jade is essential. For a sense of occasion, head to one of the Bund's rooftop restaurants like M on the Bund or Three on the Bund. Or, whet your appetite with our selection of restaurants in Shanghai. 

Yang’s Fried Dumplings

Yang’s Fried Dumplings is a favourite on Wu Jiang Road, where you’ll be joining droves of locals to get your hands on shengjian – pan-fried pork dumplings. This street food classic is amongst the many you must try during your visit to Shanghai. Puffy and sprinkled with sesame seeds and chopped spring onions, these dumplings are generously filled with pork, but take caution; the liquid inside is very hot. Yang’s offers dumplings in groups of four or six, so you are guaranteed a filling meal.

Lost Heaven on the Bund

Located on the Bund, a waterfront area in the centre of Shangai, is the ambient and affordable restaurant of Lost Heaven. Focusing on serving traditional Yunnan cuisine, the menu features dishes such as Yunnan wild vegetable pancakes with spicy tomato sauce, ghost chicken salad and Yunnan rice cakes with ham and preserved vegetables. While you eat, you’ll be surrounded by Asian-inspired furniture, textiles and art. For dessert, you can expect dishes like strawberry ice cream with coconut milk and shaved ice with tropical fruit. A rooftop terrace is available to enjoy a couple of drinks to wind down after your meal.

Hai Di Lao Hotpot

For outstanding customer service and delicious Sichuan-style hotpot meals, look no further than Hai Di Lao Hotpot on Zhangyang Road. To start, pick a broth and then swirl through your meat, vegetables, rice and noodles until they’re cooked to your liking. The uncooked noodles are brought out to you in a very theatrical manner, with the server swirling the dough through the air until they cut it into even pieces and place it in your hot broth to cook. As this is a very popular restaurant, the wait for a table can be quite long. However, during this time, staff offer manicures, massages, shoe shines and light snacks.

Xixi Bistro

Experience a unique blend of Italian and Chinese flavours at Xixi Bistro on WuyuanLu Road. The quirky interior showcases wooden panelling and warm-coloured wallpaper, creating a welcoming and cosy atmosphere. Some popular dishes include the fried rice with capers, Iberico sausage and sundried tomatoes, as well as jiaozi and noodles infused with typical Italian ingredients. Aside from the restaurant level, you can also wander upstairs to the cocktail bar and enjoy a few drinks, or you can venture outside to enjoy the garden.

Mr Wu’s A Da Cong You Bing

While looking through the many markets on Nanchang Road, make sure to stop by Mr Wu’s grill to try the much loved scallion pancake, A Da Cong You Bing. You’ll find yourself lining up with hordes of loyal customers, while Mr Wu creates each and every scallion by hand. Head to Lane 159 on Maoming Road, near Nanchang Road, to experience this street food favourite.