Things to Do in San Francisco

As a city built largely on trade, there’s no shortage of things to do in San Francisco. Discover fresh fish markets along the piers of the bay, organic sellers from the farmland valleys, and small businesses dotted throughout the city’s warren of charming districts. Every one of them is keeping the historic market culture alive and well. The food is wonderfully eclectic and equally delicious. Arts and culture are respected and celebrated across all facets, and museums and galleries are plentiful. 

Where to Eat in San Francisco

Immerse yourself in a mecca for food lovers. Dining in the Bay Area is all about fresh produce prepared by skilled chefs, cooks, and off-the-wall experimentalists. Anytime of day is a good time to pop into a quaint cafe or bustling deli for a satisfying bite to eat or an artisan-brewed coffee. At night, fine-dining and dark cocktail bars are ready to invent something extraordinary, just for you. Read More 

San Francisco Shopping

Boutique shopping, market vending, and gigantic American malls – shopping in San Francisco offers you plenty of choice. The birthplace of the Summer of Love also has more than its fair share of vintage retailers. Hark back to a time gone by inside stores packed to the brim with all sorts of nostalgic wonders and paraphernalia, or pick up a unique keepsake at a bayside flea market. Read More 

San Francisco Parks and Squares

San Francisco is a city of contrasts. The hustle and bustle of the bay sits side by side with the absolute serenity of the parklands, all under the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco’s parks and squares are horticultural oases where you can relax and reconnect with the natural world. The city actually boasts one of the highest amounts of green space per capita in the United States. Read More 

What to See in San Francisco

Explore the famous Fisherman’s Wharf and the bustling markets of Pier 39. Take in the sights with a ride on a classic cable car through the bumpy hills to Castro Valley. Witness breathtaking views with a walk across the iconic bridge, then take a trip out to the infamous island of Alcatraz to see a different side of the Bay Area. One thing’s certain: you’ll never be short of sights to see in San Francisco! Read More

San Francisco Museums and Galleries

The Golden City has inspired countless artists and creatives to pursue their passion for art, music, and literature. This creativity is celebrated and cherished inside the walls of San Francisco’s museums and art galleries. Modern art at its most compelling and visceral is on display for your wonderment and interpretation. Find yourself enthralled by the mastery of the city’s most creative minds. Read More