San Francisco Museums, Arts and Culture

Enjoy culture of all sorts, from classical to contemporary and everything in between. San Francisco museums and galleries house extraordinary works from some of the greatest minds in art and culture. The Bay Area has given birth to cultural and political revolutions; the voices of the marginalised were often heard here first. Today, those voices are not forgotten.

Get to know San Francisco like the locals do. Witness every age of the historic city inside one of its illustrious museums.

The metropolis is also a haven for artists and creative types. San Francisco galleries remain current and fresh – many of the artists whose works line the walls are still very much alive.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Internationally recognised for its world-renowned collection of modern and contemporary art, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) is a palace of human creativity and imagination. The building itself is a work of art, jutting out from the cityscape in spectacular fashion. Engage your mind with artworks that are elsewhere unparalleled.

Geary Street Art Galleries

Running parallel with Union Square, Geary Street in San Francisco’s city centre is virtually overflowing with art galleries. In a city where art is at the forefront of the cultural palate, Geary Street is the home of the local art scene. With so many spots to explore, why not take a chance and pop in wherever takes your fancy?

Balmy Alley

The mesmerising Mission District murals are most concentrated in Balmy Alley. The first murals appeared in the mid-1980s as expressions of political distrust from the marginalised people of San Francisco. Today, big cultural and human rights issues still grace the walls of Balmy Alley. The alley is best seen on foot, with every detail on display and at your fingertips.


Step inside a mad scientist’s penny arcade! The Exploratorium is San Francisco’s self-described public learning laboratory. Overlooking the bay on Pier 15, explore science, art, and human perception. Learn and create in what the New York Times once called the most important science museum of the 20th century. If you’ve ever wanted the answers to the universe, the Exploratorium might just have what you’re looking for (or it’ll come pretty close!).

Cable Car Museum

The historic and humble cable car is a fixture of San Francisco’s famously hilly city streets. It also happens to be a very reliable way to get around. The Cable Car Museum houses a collection of classic cable cars, photographs, and displays of the world’s last manually operated system of its kind.