San Francisco Food and Drink

Let your senses fall in love with the sumptuous tastes of San Francisco food and drink. From street food to fine-dining, the cultural complexity of the city lends itself perfectly to flavoursome cuisine. Enjoy some of the most unique dining experiences across the city, as California and the rest of the world collide in delicious fashion.

The city’s chefs are like artists, and they treat their craft with an unrivalled intensity. The results are stunning. Ingredients are organic and fresh, and each district offers its own spin on what it means to dine in San Francisco. As such, the foodie scene here is brimming with originality.  

San Francisco Restaurant Precincts

From the Mission District to the city centre and everywhere in between, San Francisco is a hive for restaurant dining. Chinatown and Pier 39 offer up the best in fresh seafood, while the Haight is the place for great Mexican street food. Trendy eateries are popping up all over the city, each one proving why some of America’s greatest food trends are coming out of the Bay Area.

San Francisco Bars and Nightlife

With music being such an important part of the city’s identity, dancing and drinking in San Francisco go hand in hand. Cocktail bars, pubs, converted warehouses, and theatres make for the greatest locations to grab a drink. Whether your chosen venue is industrial-chic or roaring 1920s revitalised, have fun and enjoy something out of the ordinary. Discover the pure enjoyment of San Francisco’s bars and nightlife.

San Francisco Food Markets

The ‘City by the Bay’ is all about fresh produce. With the coast to the west and luscious pastures in the valleys that surround the bay, organic food is the focal point of the thriving local markets. The best markets are easy to find and always buzzing with activity. Make sure to bring a keen appetite – you’ll have no trouble indulging yourself when visiting San Francisco markets. Highlights include the farmers’ markets in Ferry Plaza and Alemany.

San Francisco Cafes and Coffee

San Francisco is a coffee lover’s nirvana. Hole-in-the-wall vendors and hip cafes and coffee shops have nestled themselves into every corner of the city. San Francisco’s best brewers and baristas understand how import coffee is to their patrons, and they live to create brews unlike any other. The aroma of freshly ground coffee beans wafting through the city is truly fantastic.