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Rome Transport – Getting Around

Getting around the Eternal City is an easy adventure thanks to Rome's transportation options. If you have plenty of time, walking is the best way to see the city and all of its exceptional public art displays.  

When you want to get somewhere quickly, hail a taxi to take you to your destination. If you're going across town or want a more economic option, grab a ticket for Rome's public transport. Alternatively, there’s bike and scooter hire available.  

Rome Taxis

When hailing a taxi, make sure that it’s official and licensed. Rome taxis should be white, with a sign on the roof, and an ‘SPQR’ crest on the door. The driver should use the meter, except when travelling on a fixed-priced route (e.g. to and from the airport). Rome's taxis have cooperatives that allow you to book taxis by using an app or calling their number.

Rome Public Transport

Rome is served by a variety of public transportation options: buses, trams, subways, and local trains. You can purchase tickets from vending machines, newsstands, and tobacconists. If you're staying in Rome for at least three days, invest in a ticket that can last for a few days. You can also buy a Roma Pass, which allows you to go to different museums as well as hop on and off Rome's public transport.

Rome Bike Hire

Rome has a few dedicated bicycle lanes as well as narrow alleyways and wide pavements. If you're an experienced cyclist and you want to see a new side of the city, you can rent a pushbike for a couple of hours or a few days. You can also hire motorbikes and scooters in Rome – just check the requirements of the rental companies on their website before you go.

Walking Rome

Spend at least a couple of hours walking the cobbled streets of Rome. You'll find something interesting in every corner of the Eternal City, such as ancient landmarks, Renaissance fountains, and authentic cafes. Just make sure you're wearing comfortable shoes and bring a camera.