Things to Do in Queenstown

It’s easy to find things to do in Queenstown. As a resort town, the whole place is built to keep you moving from one amazing experience to the next. With so much to see and do on the water, in the hills, in the air and even in the town itself, you’ll have to carefully manage your time if you’re determined to sample everything. To help you see as many Queenstown attractions as possible, here’s a quick overview of this quintessential New Zealand destination.

Queenstown Food and Drink

When you’re choosing where to eat in Queenstown, you’re really just deciding which culinary genius you’d like to impress you next. Queenstown is filled with incredible restaurants serving every kind of cuisine. From traditional Kiwi eats to five-course delights for the senses, there’s something to suit no matter what you’re in the mood for. Read More

Queenstown Shopping

Shopping in Queenstown can be practical, rewarding, or any combination of the two. On one hand, there are plenty of outlets that stock everything – from ski gear to souvenirs – that you’ll need to make the most of your holiday here. At the same time, fashion boutiques and luxury brands make it easy to treat yourself to some retail therapy. Read More

What to See in Queenstown

Struggling to decide what to see in Queenstown? You could always start with a helicopter ride – this way you’ll get to see everything! Then it’s time to get up close and personal with what you’ve spied from above. Explore the charming town centre before venturing out for a wine tour or visiting the surrounding historic sites. Read More 

Queenstown Activities

The town and its surrounds are bustling with fun things for visitors to try. Most Queenstown activities are experiential, which means there’s an unlimited pool of excitement for you to dip into – it just depends on how brave you are! From bungy jumping to jetboat races, the options here are all thrilling, but they’re not all for the faint of heart. Read More 

Queenstown Museums and Culture

Give your pounding heart a break by immersing yourself in some Queenstown arts and culture. The town centre is brimming with art galleries and examples of Maori culture. Interested in the region’s pioneering history? Save time in your itinerary for a visit to nearby Arrowtown (a 20-minute drive from Queenstown) and its world-class Lakes District Museum.