Queenstown Shopping Guide

Queenstown shopping is quite different than it is in other New Zealand cities. As a resort town, there aren’t any particular shopping precincts here. Instead, Queenstown shopping centres are the order of the day, stocking a wide variety of things most visitors will need during their stay.

The question of what to buy in Queenstown is typically more about utility than fashion. Need some skiing gear or some extra layers to keep you warm? Perhaps you ‘misplaced’ your sunglasses while bungy jumping and need a replacement pair before hitting the snow. Whatever the case may be, ask your hotel receptionist for a Queenstown shopping guide and you’ll quickly find your nearest centres and stores.

With that said, if shopping ‘til you drop sounds better than dropping from a 400m ledge, you’re also in luck. With boutiques and high-end fashion labels, there’s enough Queenstown shopping for a good day of retail therapy. Make sure to visit the arts and craft markets too – local vendors pour into town every weekend with their wares, so you’re sure to pick up a unique keepsake to remind you of your journey.