Phuket Food and Drink

As a popular holiday destination, you’ll be spoiled for choice when looking for something to eat among Phuket’s food and drink offerings. Pick from street food stalls in the markets to high-end restaurants inside resorts, depending on your tastes and budget.

Generally, you’ll get to enjoy fresh local ingredients – especially seafood – when picking your dish. Thai food is famed for balancing salty, sweet, and sour tastes. They also like to cook with a lot of chilies, so if you're not keen on spicy food, politely ask for a milder option.  

Phuket Food Markets

Love your food? Then a trip to Phuket food markets are a must. Patong market is a great example of a vibrant, colourful Phuket food market. Here, you’ll be able to enjoy everything from sliced fresh fruits to grilled meat skewers. Make sure you try the dim sum, fishcakes and flat breads too. For those with a sweet tooth, there’s ice-cream as well.

Phuket Restaurant Precincts

There's no shortage of dining options among the Phuket restaurant precincts, so you’ll be able to satisfy all your food cravings. Add a sea breeze to your seafood experience when dining at the floating restaurants just off Learn Hin Pier. In a noodle mood? Then enjoy slurping noodle soups from one of many Phuket Old Town eateries.

Phuket Bars and Nightlife

Bangla Road is one of the most famous areas for experiencing the nightlife and bars Phuket has to offer. Small lanes (known as soi) lead you to an array of lively watering holes. There will be plenty of exotic cocktails on offer, or if you prefer a more local taste try some of the area’s beers like Chang and Phuket lager.

Coffee in Phuket

When you need a coffee in Phuket, your best bet is to head towards a popular tourist site. Here, you can expect to find both familiar chains and indie cafes. As well as coffee, expect to find desserts on offer. Top tip: try the local mango with sticky rice, or on a hot day pick up a flavoured ice treat to cool you down.