What to See in New Caledonia

There is so much to see in New Caledonia, so let your curiosity take you everywhere. Make your stay absolutely unforgettable and explore the tropical paradise from top to bottom. Snorkel above the pristine reefs in L'Ile aux Canards (Duck Island), just five minutes from Noumea, or dive deeper to discover exquisite native marine life. Then sail out and explore the surrounding islands, or simply weigh anchor in the bay and watch the sunset.

Need a break from the water? Try riding horseback across tropical bushland in Noumea, or hiking through lush rainforests. Alternatively, cast a line in one of the plentiful lagoons and lakes, or get your adrenaline pumping by skydiving and witness the archipelago’s beauty from a whole new angle.

Snorkelling and Diving New Caledonia

Home to one of the world’s largest barrier reefs, New Caledonia is a hot-spot for snorkelling and diving. Swim among tropical fish, multi-coloured coral, and shipwrecks at Duck Island or Lifou. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, each reef, bay, inlet, and lagoon holds something splendid beneath its surface. Immerse yourself in the real-life aquarium that is New Caledonia.

Sailing New Caledonia

Sail from island to island and explore a world of tropical wonder. Travelling either by yourself or with a guide, there’s no better way to hop between New Caledonia's islands. Weigh anchor and fish out on the bay, or come ashore to discover another side of the lush archipelago. Between islands, simply soak up the sea air and sunshine in style.

New Caledonia Sightseeing

Whether it’s by sea, land or air, sightseeing New Caledonia is an enriching experience. Take a horseback ride along beautiful white sands, through lush rainforest, and across pastoral plains. Discover the islands on foot as you hike ocean headlands, or take a boat through the inland waterways and travel deep into the heart of the islands. Thrill-seekers, look to the skies – charted flights, helicopter tours, and skydiving are all available.  

New Caledonia Hiking

Discover unique environments as you explore the islands on foot. Hiking is where New Caledonia truly reveals itself. Explore the ancient lands up close and marvel at the striking beauty of nature. Parks and nature reserves are best hiked with a guide. Their knowledge of the lands, history, and nature will open your eyes to another side of New Caledonia. Some of the most beautiful hiking spots are in the mountainous Northern Province.