Things to Do in New Caledonia

The list of things to do in New Caledonia is almost endless. Each island is more beautiful than the next. Explore the tiny capital city of Noumea, or go sailing out to a secluded beach on a surrounding island, such as the Isle of Pines. The striking character of each island, restaurant, market and beach is unmistakable.

New Caledonia Food and Drink

Wonderfully fresh and local, New Caledonian cuisine is a surprising fusion of flavours. Island spices, tropical ingredients, and French technique are rich across the restaurants and markets here. Local delicacies include the freshest seafood and venison, vanilla, and sweet potatoes. Coupled with the finest French wine, dining in New Caledonia is deliciously gourmet. Read More

New Caledonia Shopping

From local boutiques and markets to well-known names in high-end fashion, shopping in New Caledonia is an eclectic experience. Charming handcrafted jewellery is a mix of Paris chic and South Pacific spirit. French labels are abundant, and the Latin Quarter of Noumea is home to wonderfully one-of-a-kind concept stores. It’s easy to spend a lot time (and money) on island retail therapy. Read More

What to See in New Caledonia

By land, sea or air, New Caledonia is a place of exotic beauty. Idyllic beaches border the world’s largest lagoon, and the waters here are home to fascinating animals including dugongs and green sea turtles. Snorkel or scuba dive in pristine clear waters over plentiful coral reefs. Walk coastal headlands and hiking paths above small villages, or even play a round of golf with the most magnificent views. Read More

New Caledonia Beaches

White sand and sunshine – what more could you need? New Caledonia beaches are the epitome of tropical island relaxation. Uninterrupted coastal stretches and hidden coves will have you falling in love with the postcard-perfect territory. Beaches are simply everywhere, even in the middle of the lagoon. We couldn’t blame you if you never want to leave! Read More 

New Caledonia Islands

New Caledonia’s islands are strikingly alluring. The people of the islands are harmonious and welcoming – and the smiling is absolutely infectious! Trek deep into ancient rainforests, explore hidden caves, and go fishing with the locals. Stay with a local tribe in a village bungalow, or live luxuriously in a hotel. You may even visit a vanilla plantation and enjoy a delicious coffee with the owners. Read More

New Caledonia Art and Culture

Local fairs, festivals, museums, and art galleries are brimming with the cultural roots of New Caledonia. Learn local customs and language with local tribes, and explore a history of colonisation and ancient heritage in one of the islands’ museums. Traditional art and turn-of-the-century French works are on display in New Caledonia’s galleries. Meanwhile, festivals of music and dance offer a space to let your hair down. Read More