New Caledonia Islands

New Caledonia’s islands each hold their own secrets, pleasures, and history. From tiny dots of sand and forest to bustling tropical cities, you’ll never be short on places to explore.

Culture is alive everywhere. The French influence is sophisticated and inescapable, but the native Kanak identity still pours out of every isle and inlet. Farms and bushland are nestled between forests and beaches, providing the islands with succulent produce.

With each island happy to welcome visitors to their shores, New Caledonia is the ultimate tropical oasis in the middle of the South Pacific.

Isle of Pines

The Isle of Pines in southern New Caledonia is as close to paradise as you can get. Bathed in sunshine, the crystalline waters, pure sand and green forest are everything you imagine when you daydream of a tropical escape. Explore the picture-perfect waters and trek through the ruins of the island’s French penal colony.

Lifou Island

If you’re travelling for tranquillity and solitude, Lifou Island is where you’ll want to spend most of your time. There are no hotels on the island, but the wonderful native hospitality means you can live among the locals. Traditional huts make for an authentic island experience, and local art and mythology is everywhere.

Amedee Lighthouse Island

A stunning dot in the South Pacific, Amedee Lighthouse Island is surrounded on all sides by stunning reefs filled with exotic marine life. A great location for snorkelling, the proximity of the reefs to the shore make for a safe environment if you’re a snorkelling novice. A trip up to the top of the island’s namesake lighthouse will provide you with unparalleled views of New Caledonia.

Ile Aux Canards Island

Ile Aux Canards Island is your place to grab a drink and relax is the sun. The laidback atmosphere and plentiful bars make for a truly idyllic holiday experience. The friendly bar staff are ready to whip up exotic cocktails or pour a pint of a local brew to quench your thirst.

Loyalty Islands

The Loyalty Islands are an archipelago that form one of New Caledonia’s three provinces. Prepare to enjoy perfect stretches of uninterrupted sand and the wild beauty of island forests. Each of the province’s five islands possesses its own charm and character. Sail easily between them and discover new tropical worlds.