Best Time to Travel to Miami

Boasting a sub-tropical climate, the weather in Miami is warm year-round. This makes it a popular destination for tourism throughout the year, but particularly in the American winter when rates tend to be higher and the region more crowded.

If you’re looking to sidestep the peak times, March to May is perhaps the best time to travel to Miami, with warm, sunny days and temperatures in the mid 20s. A spring visit also allows you to avoid the traditionally wetter months of June to November, which coincide with hurricane season.


Summer sees the Miami rainfall begin to pick up as temperatures climb to the low 30s. This time of year also sees the US in summer holiday mode, with families keen to embrace the beach and the cool refuge it affords.

Appropriate clothing: Casual beachwear for the daytime and light but classy attire for going out at night.

Don’t forget: Sunscreen.


Autumn is traditionally one of the wettest times of year to travel to Miami with hurricanes a possibility. On the bright side, if you can handle the occasional downpour and humidity, the accommodation rates are cheap and the beaches aren’t crowded.

Appropriate clothing: Shorts and t-shirts with a light jumper in case the evenings get cool.

Don’t forget: An umbrella.


Winter finds Miami in all its sun-kissed glory. The average Miami temperature settles into a comfortable 23°C. Meanwhile, this is also the time of year the region enjoys its major arts and cultural events.

Appropriate clothing: Short sleeves, with a jumper for the evening.

Don’t forget: Something a little bit glamorous – this is the time to see and be seen in Miami.


Of all the Miami seasons, spring perfectly treads the fine line between great weather, affordability, and less frenetic crowds. Days are warm, bright and clear, while the beaches aren't packed, and the accommodation is more affordable.

Appropriate clothing: Short sleeves, dresses, shorts and slacks.

Don’t forget: Swimmers – the beach beckons at this time of year.