Melbourne Food and Drink

Knowing where to eat in Melbourne is a challenge, but not in the traditional sense. Melbourne takes the quality of its food and drink very seriously, and this can make choosing a restaurant difficult – because it’s all so good! For visiting foodies, it’s a kind of pilgrimage, a quest to sample as much incredible food as possible before returning home.

Melbourne Food Markets

When one thinks of Melbourne food markets, the first that leaps to mind is often the sprawling Queen Victoria Market north of Elizabeth Street. There are, of course, many other markets of note within the city – it’s a short walk to the South Melbourne Market and you’ll find the Prahran Market and Carlton Farmers Market a short bus ride away.

Melbourne Restaurant Precincts

Ask a local to recommend you some Melbourne restaurant precincts and they’ll probably reply, “Have you been to Lygon Street yet?” A great example of Melbourne fine-dining, Lygon Street bristles with family businesses serving incredible food. If that’s out of your way, Southbank is home to many quality restaurants and the Chinatown district is packed with authentic Asian cuisine.

Melbourne Bars and Nightlife

When it comes to an evening on the town, few cities can hold a candle to Melbourne’s bars and nightlife. By day, the city’s cafe culture is king. By night, that cafe culture transfers to Melbourne’s many bars, taverns, and hotels. Brunswick is a great pub district, but if that’s not your thing, take in one of Melbourne’s many nocturnal activities like a ghost hunt at the Old Melbourne Gaol!

Where to Get the Best Coffee in Melbourne

The question of where to find good coffee in Melbourne, like the question of where to eat, is more about being spoiled for choice than anything else. Entering any laneway will reveal numerous Melbourne cafes all serving truly delicious coffee. Recommending the best coffee in Melbourne is difficult, so instead we’ll suggest that you experiment and decide for yourself. Try as many coffees and cafes as you can!