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Madrid Food and Drink

Dining on Madrid food and drink is an experience you’ll never forget. The city’s cuisine is truly a reflection of its vibrant and varied culture. For hundreds of years, travellers and migrants have made Madrid home, each bringing with them new flavours and exciting homeland recipes. Each restaurant, market, and delicatessen boasts these delicious influences.

There’s no typical Madrid culinary experience, which makes your days of dining out all the more exciting! The meats are to die for – chorizo and jamon (ham) are served in abundance. Meanwhile, seafood, fresh bread, olives and churros will certainly have you going back for more.  

Madrid Restaurant Precincts

Whether you're dining upmarket in a Michelin-starred restaurant or enjoying the local flavours in a bustling marketplace, Madrid’s restaurant precincts are as exciting and vibrant as the food itself. Establishments in Salamanca, Las Salesas and Barrio de las Letras have fed generations of Madrid’s citizens, delighting with local ingredients and traditional menus. From tapas to devilishly delicious sweets, you won't be in danger of going hungry.

Madrid Bars and Nightlife

Bright, beautiful, and alive! Soak in the local atmosphere with a glass of locally made vino in hand. Madrid’s bars and nightlife are simply teeming with culture. Flamenco dancing and live music explode in the most stunning settings, from the unpretentious vibe of Malasana to the tapas hotspot of La Latina. When the sun goes down Madrid’s bars, cafes, and terraces completely transform – until the wee hours of the morning.

Madrid Cafes and Coffee

After a long day touring the city, unwind in one of Madrid’s lovely cafes. The smell of freshly roasted coffee mixed with stunning views of Madrid are truly intoxicating. Specialty roasters and traditional coffeehouses are everywhere. Lounge in the sun with a delicious latte, or try something a bit out of the ordinary in a fresh and fashionable neighbourhood cafe.

Madrid Food Markets

Lose yourself to the flavours and sights of Madrid’s sumptuous food markets. A large variety of tasty goodies, fresh produce, and local wines are all on offer across the city. If you’re looking to combine a bit of retail therapy and food, the Mercado de San Anton and Mercado de San Miguel are your must-visit destinations.