Las Vegas Food and Drink

Opulence and luxury are the starring roles of the show that is Las Vegas food and drink. A wealth of world-class chefs have made Vegas home, and their restaurants are serving some of the most intriguing and delectable dishes in the United States.

If your appetite yearns for something more, or you just can’t seem to decide what to put on your plate, sprawling buffets are the solution.

Dream up your perfect cocktail or stick to the classics. Where else is it more suitable to order a dry martini with an olive? Eat, drink, and win big!

Las Vegas Restaurants

Las Vegas is a city with an insatiable appetite. Discover cultures colliding, with fine-dining from Asia and Europe standing alongside the best in modern American cuisine on the menu. Exquisite locales ensure your dining experience is far removed from the ordinary. Las Vegas restaurants are a testament to the truly magnificent and mad creations of the city.

Las Vegas Bars and Nightlife

Your secrets are safe within the walls of a Las Vegas bar. Much more than just places selling liquor, Las Vegas bars, lounges, and clubs are the centre of the city’s nightlife. Music, dancing and cabaret are best enjoyed with a great cocktail, specially brewed beer, or something on the rocks. Whether you’re after an upbeat atmosphere or something more low-key, you won’t be short of choices.

Las Vegas Best Buffets

No holiday here is complete without eating at a Las Vegas buffet. You’ll quickly discover that under the neon lights of the city, everything is in plentiful supply. Kilos upon kilos of shrimp, prime rib, crab, and so much more is on offer to you. So make sure to add eating at Las Vegas’ best buffets to your itinerary.

Las Vegas Cafes and Coffee

In a city of glitz, glamour and excess, the best coffee in Las Vegas can be found in the most surprising locations. Artisan baristas and brewers are making a name for themselves as more and more ‘mom and pop’ style cafes begin to pop up around the city. Enjoy homemade treats and hot coffee in one of Vegas’ many hidden gems.