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Langkawi Food and Drink

The Langkawi restaurant equation is a simple one – fresher-than-fresh seafood straight from the Andaman Sea plus Malaysia's melting pot of cuisines equals unbeatable dining.

At the top end hotel restaurants like Ikan-Ikan serve up a top-notch melange of spicy eastern flavours in jaw-dropping oceanside settings. But you could stick a pin in a map of the 99 islands and somewhere there would be a beachfront shack frying up giant prawns, soft shell crabs and mussels to die for.

Every night of the week, the Langkawi Night Market is open for business. Rotating locations each time, the market showcases an array of local vendors. You’ll find all kinds of souvenirs at your fingertips, plus fashion and jewellery items. But the market’s biggest drawcard is the tempting food options, from fresh produce to hot snacks whipped up on the spot. Fans of spice can try curries or satay sticks, while the green mango salad is always a favourite. For a treat, sample the crispy fried chicken or seafood.

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