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Japan Money Guide

The Japanese Yen is used in Japan.

Credit Cards

Always advise your bank that you are travelling before you depart Australia, to ensure they’re aware of your plans and any overseas transactions you make don’t automatically see them cancelling your cards.

Travel Cards

A Key To The World travel card is a great way to easily access money while travelling abroad. Acting like a regular credit card, you can pre-load funds onto the card and access your money from ATMs and local businesses throughout Japan. The cards hold up to 10 different currencies, so if you’re travelling to more than one country, you don’t need to worry about having multiple cards. When loading funds onto the card you set the exchange rate, so you don’t need to worry if they vary while you’re away.


In Japan ATMs are easily found like they are in Australia; outside banks, on high streets, in shopping centres and train and bus stations. Foreign exchange fees charged by Australian banks can be pricey, so it’s worth asking your bank for information on this before you leave. It’s also a good idea to minimise the number of withdrawals you make while overseas.


In Japan, many restaurants, particularly small establishments use cash only, so travelling with some is essential. You can pre-purchase Japanese Yen from Travel Money Oz before travelling to avoid paying international transfer fees and commissions.


Tipping culture in Japan is very different to other regions, like North America and Europe. A largely non-tipping society, there are certain services that may expect a small tip. Private drivers, for example may expect you to buy their lunch, while room attendants in traditional Japanese inns (called Ryokan), also expect a small tip. In restaurants, however, you may find waiters decline your offer for a tip. Some restaurants, such as small ramen restaurants use a vending machine to transact all money, so you select and purchase your meal from the machine, then give your order receipt to the waiter, so all money is arranged prior to the meal. 

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