United Kingdom Holidays

Holidays in England consist of much more than cups of tea and pints of ale. England's multicultural make-up, trendy cities, green rural landscapes and sleepy seaside towns make this country a fun and varied destination for all ages. Walkers will love all the English Heritage trails through the gently undulating countryside, and shoppers will be delighted by the range of quirky items on offer in the stylish cities. There's so much to see, from the historic university towns of Oxford and Cambridge to the thumping nightlife of Newcastle.

Meanwhile Scotland, in the north of the UK, boasts magnificent castles, historic cityscapes, romantic mountains and inky black lochs. While its cosmopolitan cities show off their modern sophistication in everything from chic restaurants to cutting-edge theatre, you'll still find plenty of wild beauty, mists and heather across the lowlands and highlands. In this, one of Europe's last great wildernesses, let your imagination roam free.

Destinations in United Kingdom

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