Types of Holidays

The temptation of a holiday is ever present, so when the opportunity arises to make your dream a reality you’ll want to jump at the chance. From picking your destination to planning your daily adventures, there are some serious decisions to be made. Luckily the choices are simply endless so you’re bound to find the perfect holiday to suit you and your family.

If you only have a weekend to spare, consider one of our short break holiday packages. You can enjoy a relaxing overseas getaway to a close island neighbour or escape to the snow capped mountains of New Zealand. School holidays present the ideal time for families to leave the school bags behind and embark on an exciting adventure. Consider an Easter holiday to one of Australia’s world class beaches or take the kids to experience a magical white Christmas in Europe.

Perhaps you’re looking for an affordable cruise holiday where all your meals, accommodation and onboard entertainment will be included. You can visit inspiring destinations, only unpack your bag once and travel without any jetlag. For those who want to explore more of what’s in their own backyard, consider a driving holiday. You can travel without a schedule and simply stop wherever you fancy. Similarly, a motor home holiday will give you the freedom to explore new destinations intimately while you enjoy spectacular views from your bedroom window.

Laze on the shores of an exotic island or venture out to the slopes for a snow filled adventure. Take the kids to one of the world’s best theme parks or hide away in a rainforest retreat for a romantic honeymoon. Whatever the reasons for your holiday, Escape Travel can make your dreams a reality with one of our tailored holiday packages.