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Bali is magical for many reasons, and for the compact slice of Indonesia it represents, it sure has a big reputation. The scent of frangipani flowers mingles with incense from temple offerings, beautiful beaches stretch long into the distance, lush green rice terraces stack up into the hills, and buzzing towns thrive on the chaos of traffic, colourful markets and stampedes of tourists. But away from the touristic hotspots and busier beaches, you can still discover many hidden gems of natural beauty. Lush rainforest interiors, tumbling waterfalls, rolling mountains, natural hot springs, lakes and active volcanoes intertwine across the diverse Balinese landscape. At its edges, secluded strips of sun-drenched sand can still be found. Some offer pounding surf, while others remain calm and clear, with a world of marine life, coral reefs and shipwrecks beneath the water’s surface.

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