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Travel Insurance for Seniors – Considerations for Over 60s

12th January 2018

Travel insurance might not be the most exciting part of planning a holiday, but it’s probably more important than anything else, especially seniors travel insurance. From medical insurance in case you fall ill on holiday, to insurance for your luggage if an airline happens to lose it, there are many things that could warrant the need for insurance cover and save you from being out of pocket if you’re over 60.


Compare the market

There are myriad options when it comes to seniors travel insurance, from the cheapest travel insurance for seniors to complete cover. It’s a good idea to do your research and to consider what you really need from your insurance, whether you’re travelling in Australia or overseas, for a week or a month. Escape Travel recommends using Cover More, which you can arrange with your Escape Travel consultant when you book your holiday. Cover More have over 20 years experience with travel insurance, so you know you’re in good hands.

Seniors card discount

If you can save money without compromising on the quality of your policy then you should! When looking at policy options, ask if there’s a seniors discount. Some providers can knock a percentage off the price of the policy because you have seniors card.


Don’t wait

As soon as you start booking your holiday, arrange your travel insurance. That way, if anything happens between the time you book and when you depart, you’ll be covered. The older you get the more chances there are of challenges arising that might prevent you from travelling, so it’s best to be covered from the start.

Luggage insurance

There’s nothing more inconvenient than arriving in your destination to find out that the airline has misplaced your luggage. Having insurance to cover this, or other mishaps like stolen luggage, means you can get yourself some new clothing, toiletries and anything else you need, quickly and easily without any hassle.


Medical insurance

The last thing you want to happen when travelling is a mishap with your health; whether it’s a minor accident like a twisted ankle on a cobbled street in Europe, or a major hospital visit. As you get older too, you might have specific medical conditions that regular travel insurance policies don’t cover. When looking at what insurance to purchase, find out if you can have an immediate medical assessment, either online or over the phone. It’s important to be clear about what medical conditions you might have to ensure you’re covered for these while travelling. Having the right insurance means you won’t have to worry about exorbitant medical bills.


Not all insurance policies are made the same. In fact you can find polices that are specific to the holiday you’re going on, from cruise travel insurance for seniors to guided holiday travel insurance or domestic driving holiday insurance. It’s important to talk to your travel consultant or the insurance representative about what you need, and ensure you find the policy that’s right for you. As well as making sure you’re covered for any medical conditions you have, you should look at the premiums you pay and the emergency assistance they provide. Some insurance policies allow you to lower your premium so you can minimise cost while on holiday in the event of a claim. Great insurance providers like Cover More offer 24 hour emergency assistance, so wherever you are in the world you can have your costs covered straight away. 

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