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The Secret Deal Travel Agents Use to Get You More For Less

26th December 2017

We all want a good deal when it comes to our holidays. The cheapest flights with the most leg room, the most luxurious accommodation with all of the perks available and a massage or tour thrown in for good measure. How though, do you get everything you want without paying a mint?

Travel agents often throw around terms about bundling it all together and saving money, but you can’t always be sure you’re getting a better deal in the end. No one wants to spend 24 hours in transit for $100 less than a 10-hour direct flight, or staying at a hotel that turns out to be way more inconvenient than the savings you made by booking it. At Escape Travel however, you can be sure you’re getting a great deal with exclusive Escape Fares.


What are Escape Fares?

Escape Travel has access to exclusive airfares called Escape Fares from different airlines. When you purchase one of these airfares at the same time as booking four nights’ accommodation, a seven-day tour or cruise, you’re guaranteed to get the whole thing for less, no ifs and buts about it.

Are Escape Fares limited?

Escape Fares aren’t like other sale fares that are limited to very specific dates or times, there are lots of options to choose from, whenever and wherever you want to fly. Once you’ve chosen your flight, it’s time to look at accommodation, tours or cruises for when you get to your destination. The options here are endless, with hundreds of hotels at all price points, tours and cruises to suit your budget.  


How much will I save?

When you bundle the flight with your accommodation, tour or cruise, the price of your airfare is discounted, meaning the whole package costs you less. The amount you save varies from flight to flight. The exact amount you will save is clearly outlined, so you know exactly what you’re saving.

How do I book an Escape Fare?

To book an Escape Fare you’ll need to visit your local Escape Travel store and talk to one of our consultants. You can however check out our best Escape Fare deals online right here

For the latest deals in travel, including our hottest Escape Fares, view our online offers, visit your local Escape Travel or call 1300 670 969.