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Escape Travel’s Best Blogs of 2017

20th December 2017

What a year in travel it has been. Airlines have reinvented themselves, cruise lines have created luxury on ships we didn’t know was possible, and destinations have emerged from the shadows to become the most coveted places on earth. One thing reigns true however: wherever you’re travelling to, getting the most out of your flight is still a hot topic. Here are our most-read blog posts for 2017.


1. How Do You Really Score an Airline Upgrade?

Well, everyone wants to know this right? From which economy class fare is best (yes they’re different), to how your manners will get you over the line, this blog will certainly put you in good stead for being bumped to the pointy end on your next flight. Read more here. 


2. Holiday Sooner – Book Now, Pay Later with 12 Months Interest Free Holidays

The need to save up for months on end for your dream holiday is no more. Interest free holidays are a seriously great way to get away as soon as you need to, but without the added financial stress. Most travel companies offer some sort of interest free holiday finance, but Escape Travel’s 12 months interest free is an anomaly. Not 6, not 9, but 12 full months to pay off your holiday without paying a cent in interest. What are you waiting for? Find out more here. 


3. The Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts of Air Travel

Rules and regulations for flying can change at the drop of a hat, but there are some steadfast rules that frequent flyers live by to ensure their journey is as smooth as possible. Do you know your customs limits before bringing all of that delicious South African wine into Australia? How about what size your carry on really needs to be? This blog gives you the lowdown on everything a smart flyer needs to know.


4. 11 of the Best Airlines to Travel to Asia With

Planning a beach escape to the Philippines or Malaysia? How about a vacation to explore the bright lights of Tokyo or the Great Wall near Beijing? This blog gives you the latest on the best airlines to travel with, from who serves the best food at elevation to which first class is really the best. There’s also a recap of the best low cost carriers so you can save your cash for when you’re on the ground. Continue reading here. 


5. Princess Cruises Brings its Most Luxurious Ship Yet Down Under

Everyone loves a shiny new, bigger and better ship! Princess Cruises announced in April that its brand new Majestic Princess will be arriving in Sydney in September 2018. Read the article to find out all about the luxury suites, dining options, entertainment and Australian cruise departures. Read all about it here.


6. Which Are the Best Airlines to Travel to Europe with Right Now?

Coming in at number six is yet another airline story. This time, you’ll read all about which airlines offer the best service, seat pitch, in flight entertainment and flavourful meals en-route to Europe. From the fastest route available from Australia, to innovative dining and the world’s only three-room suite on a commercial aircraft, you’ll find it all in this post.


7. Richard Branson’s 10 Favourite Destinations Around the Globe

He is one of the world’s most famous – and loved –entrepreneurs , who’s had a crack at a host of different businesses in varied industries. Yet seeing he’s most known for his travel companies, it’s no wonder everyone wants to know where this jetsetter loves to travel to. Find out where Mr Branson goes to relax, spend time with family and explore all in this post.


8. How to Make Your Economy Flight Feel Like First Class

If the first post on this list about how to get an upgrade doesn’t work, well this one will certainly come in handy. Read on for a list of alternative options to make your flight that little bit more luxurious, whether it’s paying for Premium Economy or making the most of your airline’s alternative economy options. Read on here.


9. A Solo Traveller’s Guide to Cruising

Cruising is a holiday style that suits many different travellers. Whether you’re setting off on an annual family vacation or want to explore new territory with your partner, it’s one holiday sector that just keeps growing in Australia. For solo travellers too, cruising is a great way to discover new horizons, with everything taken care of, like-minded travellers to meet, and myriad activities to keep you occupied. Read on to find out how to make the most of it when cruising solo.


10. A Different Way to See Australia: Great Southern Rail

There is so much to explore around the world that we often forget about the gems hidden on our own shores. Great Southern Rail takes travellers on an epic journey through the heart of our sunburnt country, with incredible on the ground experiences, vast landscapes and attentive service. This blog will open your eyes to a truly unique way to discover the incredible Australian landscape. Read more here

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