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5 Ways You Can Still Escape at Christmas

1st December 2017

Christmas can be a magical time of year. It can also be complicated, with frenzied zigzagging between different factions of the modern family, a year-on-year increase in the expectation to deliver an elaborate Masterchef-like gourmet spread and a very good chance that someone will want to watch The Holiday. Again.

Thankfully, there’s still time to do Christmas differently. Here are 5 ways you can escape Christmas in style.

Escape the family

We all love our families. That goes without saying. And just because you choose to spend Christmas Day on a magnificent ocean liner somewhere in the South Pacific, sipping cocktails and dining on a sumptuous meal you didn’t have to prepare, doesn’t mean you love them any less. In fact, you love them more, because you’re in your happy place, and with all those shore excursions, the on-board day spa and unlimited entertainment, you couldn’t conjure up a stressed-out thought even if you wanted to. See? The Christmas Cruise is a gift for everyone.

Escape the hard work

So it’s your turn to have the extended family over to your place this year, except that you’ve just had new, premium 100% wool carpet laid and your three siblings all have children under 10. Let’s be honest, unless you have many elves helping you, hosting the entire tribe for the family’s annual get-together can be very hard work. Enter the Christmas buffet at an international hotel in your nearest capital city. Think festive-themed hot and cold buffet choices including fresh prawns and oysters, someone else pouring the drinks, a dance floor and DJ to keep Uncle Barry (and the kids) happy and, if you’re super lucky, a chocolate fountain centrepiece. Hello, Christmas.

Escape the heat

The closest you’ll get to a dusting of snow during December in Australia is a backyard full of hailstones after a tropical storm. That said, sneaking off to Tasmania for Christmas is not a bad idea. The Holiday Isle, as it is sometimes known, has an average December temperature of around 20°C which is positively chilly compared to the rest of the country. Find yourself a cosy room in a mountain lodge or historic hotel and enjoy the full Tasmanian experience, from coastal drives to gourmet delights.

Escape the neighbourhood

Got a next-door neighbour who’s into Christmas lights? Right outside your bedroom? You definitely need to get away. One hedonistic Christmas option is to find yourself a hotel room with a sea view, stock the fridge with king prawns and champagne, and binge watch an entire series of something brilliant on Netflix, in air conditioning, then take an afternoon stroll on the beach to top it off. Now that’s merry.

Escape the crowds, traffic and shopping

If the whole consumer-culture craziness of Christmas makes you want to head for the hills... that’s probably a great idea. Book yourself into an eco retreat, rainforest resort or, better yet, skip over to either New Zealand or a nearby South Pacific island and forget all about those amazing deals you’ll be missing on Boxing Day. Who needs more stuff when you’re already living the dream?

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