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Why a Small Group Tour Is the Best Way to Explore Italy

23rd November 2017

We all crave authenticity. Experiences that take us into the heart of a destination, introduce us to the real people who live there, and the customs they hold so dearly. Italy is a destination where this is especially important. A country that evokes emotion in all kinds of travellers, from the food to the culture, the ancient history and the rich, passionate way of life, it’s the kind of place you want to dive into and experience the real deal. This is what makes small group touring so invaluable. Exploring with local guides, discovering hidden, off-the-beaten-path eateries and bars, and travelling with like-minded travellers, there really is no better way to discover Italy.


Escape Travel dinner around table in italy

Authentic dining

When it comes to Italy, it’s impossible to talk about the country and culture without referencing the food. The flavours, the freshest ingredients and the passion with which the locals create meals are all part of why Italian food is revered the world over. Travelling through Italy with Insight, you’ll be introduced to a range of dining experiences, including regional specialties, award-winning restaurants, and a dine-around evening in Lake Maggiore, where your travel director recommends a handful of eateries for intimate dining with a small group.


Escape Travel tuscan village on hill

Hand-picked hotels

Where you rest your head on holiday can mean the difference between a good holiday and an unforgettable one. It’s all about quality, style and location, whether it’s a boutique bed and breakfast in the heart of an ancient city, or a grand castle high in the mountains. Exploring Italy with Insight Vacations, you get to stay in iconic accommodation like the Hotel Carlton on the Grand Canal in Venice, through to the charming Hotel Giotto in the ancient heart of Assisi. 

Cruising the Mediterranean in style

Italian summer and the Isle of Capri go hand in hand. On the 13-day Italian Escapade tour with Insight, you get to experience this region in style. Cruising from Sorrento, you’ll cross the azue seas of the Bay of Naples to Capri, known as the Island of Dreams. Climb the steep, winding roads to the top of town in one of the island’s iconic open-top taxis, before wandering the narrow alleyways with a local expert, and descending back to port by the funicular railway.


Escape Travel two women serving eachother food at italian house

Italian hospitality at its finest

What better way to get to know a country than by experiencing life with the locals? On each Insight vacation, you’re welcomed into the home of a local for an intimate, traditional meal. In the Tuscan village of Montecatini, a local opens up their home for an authentic dine-at-home experience. While Montecatini is famed for its healing thermal waters, it’s also a culinary destination. Tuscany is renowned for its vineyards, olive oil and fettunta bread, but Bistecca Fiorentina (t-bone steak), panzanella salad, and papa al pomodoro (tomato soup) are all must-try regional dishes too.


Escape Travel couple on gondola venice

Unforgettable experiences

Unique, unexpected experiences, where you connect with people and get to explore places you never imagined, are what make a holiday truly memorable. In Italy with Insight, these experiences encompass all kinds of activities, from walking the streets of Pompeii, frozen in time since the 1st century, to being among the select few to gain VIP access into the Vatican Museums. Visit the Accademia Museum in Florence with a local art historian to see Michelangelo’s David statue, and explore the backstreets of Rome with a passionate local. These unforgettable experiences are what make small group touring so valuable. 

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