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When is The Best Time to Fly Around Christmas

21st November 2017

You may have heard that the best time to book a flight for Christmas is eleven weeks out. Which is true, this is when the deals are usually released by airlines, and due to the high demand for flying around the holiday season, the discounted tickets get snapped up quickly. Yet seeing we’re well and truly on the home stretch to Christmas, here’s a quick guide to snapping up the best value airfares still available for the end of the year.

Choose odd days

The most popular days to fly domestically for Christmas are the 23rd and 24th December. Seeing that Christmas falls on a Monday this year that means the 22nd is also prime time for expensive flights. If you need to fly before Christmas, choose a day earlier in the week to snap up a cheaper airfare. Similarly Boxing Day is popular, so a day later in the week between Christmas and the New Year will save you some dollars. Christmas Day is also a good day to get a slightly better deal on a domestic fare, however it’s best to compare dates for international flights, as Christmas Day isn’t always better value.


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Mix and match airlines

While Qantas might give you the best deal on your departure flight, their return airfares could bump up the overall price, while Virgin still has lower fare class tickets available. Regardless of the airline you wish to fly, or times, be sure to ask your Escape Travel consultant to let you know of all airlines and times available. Particularly around holiday season mixing and matching can offer unexpected value.

Last minute

Some travellers are hyper planned, booking everything the minute they can, others are more likely to run the gauntlet and book the week before. This is a hit and miss strategy. Most airlines retain an allocation of their lower fare class ticket to be released closer to the date of travel. If you’re feeling lucky, you could come away with a fare significantly cheaper than if you booked two months out. Seeing this is peak season though, the number of sale fares that are released within a couple of weeks are limited. If you want to use this strategy, be sure to keep an eye on flights daily so you can jump on the sale fares as soon as they are released.

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Airlines, along with hotels and tour companies, drop hot deals at the last minute, regardless of the time of year. These sale fares usually have very restricted dates, which is why flexibility is important. Their travel periods are often within two to three months, if not sooner, so the chances of getting something for the holiday season isn’t out of the question. Sign up to find out about exclusive sales from Escape Travel here

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