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7 Of The Best Small Group Adventure Tours to Try in 2018

16th November 2017

Soak up sights, sounds and smells you have never encountered before and get off the beaten track while still seeing the big-ticket sights – this is the way to really get under the skin of your destination. From close-up encounters with elephants in Africa to trekking ancient mountain trails in Nepal and kayaking between icebergs at the Poles, such breathtaking moments are the stuff of cherished lifetime memories.

Peregrine Adventures are the absolute gurus when it comes to small group touring. All of their tours have been created with one idea at the forefront: that to truly embrace your wanderlust and enjoy an all-round immersive experience, travelling in small groups is key. With a maximum group size of 12 and with 33 years’ experience on the road, Peregrine guarantees authentic travel experiences you’ll never forget.

As tours are led by friendly, local, English-speaking guides, they will show you the very best of their homeland, with pride, including many secret gems. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that all tours are conducted in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, in line with Peregrine Adventures’ Responsible Tourism commitment.

Here are 7 of the best small group adventure tours with Peregrine in 2018.


Escape Travel Khao Sok National Park thailand

Spirit of Thailand

Think Thailand and images of ancient temples, dense rainforests and bustling Asian metropolises come whirling. This eight-day trip kicks off from Bangkok with a walking tour through the diverse Thonburi neighbourhood, from flower markets to mosques and palaces. Afterwards, you’ll welcome the serenity and peace of Khao Sok National Park, home to the oldest evergreen rainforest in the world, waterfalls and myriad wildlife. With boutique leafy accommodation, it the perfect base to explore and nearby, at Ban Talae Nok Village, an authentic Thai lunch with a local family tops it all off.

At the Andaman Sea, witness a whole new side of Thailand. Cruise from one exquisite island to the next, step off at stunning beaches and admire the region’s dramatic limestone cliffs. The perfect end to your adventure? A sunset sail on a traditional wooden boat in iconic Phuket. For a Thailand adventure with city, beach, jungle and culture – plus a touch of luxury – no other tour compares.


Escape Travel tiger in national park india

Rajasthan Revealed

This magical, in-depth 17-day tour starts and ends in New Delhi – a round-trip taking in eight fascinating stops around India. With accommodation varying from highly ornate 'havelis' to gorgeous historic palaces that have become heritage hotels, at times, you’ll feel as they you’ve just stepped into the sumptuous and extravagant shoes of a maharaja. For a rich and contrasting cultural experience, you’ll experience both the chaos of the big cities and the relaxed pace and local traditions of unique remote villages.

Discover the rich history and architecture of marvellous forts, experience for yourself how the Taj Mahal has the power to overwhelm even the most experienced wanderers, and try to glimpse India’s elusive animal king, the magnificent tiger, in Ranthambhore National Park. The colours and sights of India astound, every time.


Escape Travel orangutans in rainforest borneo

Borneo Adventure

It’s one of the last wild places on the planet. With its dense rainforests, tropical islands and mysterious jungle valleys, Borneo is a rare travel treat. Wildlife-lovers will be in their element. Come face-to-face with many unique species, including orangutans, proboscis monkeys and hornbills, glimpse endangered sun bears, and stop by the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre.

Mulu National Park is another highlight, where you can hike through pristine and dense rainforest and visit Asia's longest cave. With just three internal flights, this tour allows you to spend less time in transit and more time soaking up the natural beauty of this amazing and wild destination.


Escape Travel Zhouzhuang china canal city

Yangzi and Beyond

Experience the very best of China, from the modernity and bright lights of Shanghai to the quiet of rural villages along the Yangzi, where locals still follow traditional ancient practices. Explore the canals, alleys and bridge arcs of Zhouzhuang, the Venice of the East, and learn about the endangered giant pandas’ struggle for survival as you see them up close in Chengdu.

In Xian, stop by the famous and evocative Terracotta Warriors and wander the city’s atmospheric Muslim Quarter with colourful markets and quiet mosques still standing from the  Silk Road caravan days. Another highlight? A trip to the quintessential Great Wall of China in one of its best-preserved areas, the Mutianyu section, will wow you – as will your last stop, Beijing, with its grandiose scale, palaces of sublime beauty and modernities. This is the perfect introduction to China.


Escape Travel gullfoss waterfall iceland

Highlights of Iceland

Bubbling volcanos, rootless craters, glacial lakes, geothermal lagoons and idyllic waterfalls are just the start of Iceland’s natural splendour. On this tour, experience the magic. Witness the grandeur of Gullfoss, Iceland's largest waterfall, and if sunny, be dazzled by an amazing Nordic rainbow. On your journey from Skaftafell, you'll drive through fields of lava created by Laki's famous volcanic eruption of 1783. Embrace the natural Nordic wonders with a boat cruise between icebergs at a glacier lagoon and trek around vast waterside craters.

Experience some Icelandic hospitality, visit charming fishing villages and wander the colourful streets of Reykjavik. In the Modrudalur Valley, a local baker will ‘treat’ you to a pastry making demonstration. Astarpungur – translated into English this means “love-ball” – is a round donut-like pastry typical of the region. This tour is a wonderful opportunity to see the amazing Icelandic landscape and walk among the glaciers, mountains and volcanoes that inspired ancient Norse mythology.


Escape Travel geisha in kimono kyoto

Exploring Japan

Japan is a country steeped in mythical traditions and modern wonders. This tour explores the many highlights of this fascinating country. Like its history, the country is varied and diverse. From the ancient city of Kyoto to the historically relevant city of Hiroshima and on to the beautiful Edo era city of Takayama; countryside back-dropped by mountains, lakes and waterfalls to the bustling futuristic city of Tokyo. This journey gradually reveals the rich variety of the country as you visit temples, castles, shrines and holy mountains while mixing with locals.

Come on this magical experience and journey into Japan's heart – it will be sure to journey into yours.


Escape Travel medina fes

Southern Spain and Morocco

From Seville to Marrakech, explore the best of Spain and Morocco on a two-week sensory extravaganza. There is so much to love about this tour - it begins with a visit to the enchanting old Jewish neighbourhood of Santa Cruz in Seville. Lose yourself in the narrow cobblestone lanes and visit the stunning Alcazar Palace – one of the country’s most impressive and historic monuments. Then head to the spectacular mountain-top village of Zahara de la Sierra and enjoy an olive oil tasting at a local family-run mill. More tantalising treats await you in Granada. Explore the outstanding Alhambra Palace, wander through the mythic Moorish quarter and feast on the city's world-renowned cuisine.

Embrace your inner archaeologist and visit one of the most remote parts of the Roman Empire, and the most impressive Roman ruins in Morocco, at the UNESCO World Heritage site of Volubilis. Dive into Fes’ medina and be surrounded by the spiritual and cultural heart of Morocco in arguably the world's most fascinating and confounding old city.

Moorish food, seductive Seville and simmering souks – this tour captures the very best of these two extraordinary countries.

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