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Finding The Right Tour For Your Style

20th October 2017

“I want to go on a tour that suits my style.”

How do you choose which tour operator is best for your next escape? Is it based on the destinations they can get you to? The number of included extras? Or perhaps how authentic and off-the-beaten-path you can go? As Australia’s most awarded tour and cruise operator, APT delivers all of that, and so much more.

APT knows what ingredients constitute a great holiday, starting with extraordinary destinations. Meticulously planned journeys take you along the historic waterways of Europe, traversing storybook scenery by land, and into the heart of charming cities. APT has left no course uncharted. From enjoying wine tasting in France’s famed Bordeaux vineyards, to breathing in fresh air at the top of the Swiss Alps, or sipping hot chocolate beneath the awe-inspiring northern lights in Scandinavia, there’s something incredible waiting in every destination. When you choose APT, whether by road, rail, river or sea, you’re choosing an uncompromising level of luxury.

What really makes a tour company the best is not just the big destinations or exclusive experiences you can have, it’s having even the smallest details taken care of. It’s staying at hotels where the staff address you by name, sleeping in suites that exude every comfort, and enjoying a sunset cocktail with waiters who remember what you drink.

On APT river cruises, you’re immersed in authentic European charm, and treated to a host of luxuries. In fact, once you’re onboard, life becomes almost effortless as you unpack, relax and let a luxurious vessel sweep you along to each new and unique destination.

Experience the romance of iconic cities and quaint riverside villages with magnificent Europe cruises and tours. Dock close to the heart of many charming towns and villages dotted along the banks of the Rhine, Main and Danube rivers. Meanwhile on land, venture through rolling emerald landscapes and medieval cities, or browse Europe’s Christmas markets, making your dreams of a fairytale festive season come true. The possibilities are endless when it comes to France, as you experience the art of French living immersed f in rich history and fine gastronomy. Or, cruise Portugal’s stunning Douro, and bask in Spain’s sun-drenched scenery with historic charm.

What makes the journey even more memorable are APT’s often exclusive Signature Experiences. Dining in the Hall of Mirrors at Germany’s Namedy Castle, wine tasting at a family vineyard in operation since the 1870s in the Douro, and seeing the Crown Jewels on a private tour of the Tower of London, to name just a few. The APT service also means you’re ushered into iconic sites, while others stand in line, so no time is wasted, and you’re able to enjoy each opportunity to the full.

Choosing the best tour operator to suit your style is about everything you expect it to be and more, uncompromising luxury, extraordinary destinations and thoughtful details. It’s about expecting the best, yet still being surprised and delighted, because that’s what makes a tour the best it possibly can be.

APT Europe is now on sale. For information on the latest deals and to book, visit your local Escape Travel store or call 1300 273 482.